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Are Scratch Cards Being Stopped In The UK?

Are Scratch Cards Being Stopped In The UK?

The landscape of the National Lottery in the UK is poised for a dramatic change. This transformation primarily revolves around the phasing out of scratch cards and 'instant win' games. 

The shift comes as part of a broader strategy to reposition the National Lottery at the core of our nation's cultural fabric by the new operator. 

Is Camelot Getting Rid of Scratch Cards?

The recent appointment of Allwyn as the new operator of the National Lottery marks the beginning of this new chapter. Following a decision by the Gambling Commission, Allwyn took over from Camelot, the long-standing operator since the Lottery's inception in 1994. 

Allwyn's vision for the National Lottery involves a strategic shift away from scratch cards and 'instant win' games. This move, according to Allwyn's Bid Chairman, Sir Keith Mills GBE, and Chairman Elect, Justin King, is aimed at mitigating the societal impacts that these fast-play games are known to have. 

While Allwyn is leading the shift away from scratch cards and 'instant win' games, it's worth noting that Camelot previously had the reins and scaled back scratch cards by getting rid of all £10 scratch cards in 2019. 

However, the change in management and the subsequent shift in focus towards draw-based games is expected to result in a decrease in the prominence of scratch cards. The move is part of Allwyn's strategy to channel more funds towards "Good Causes and the public purse". 

Is It Gambling To Buy Scratch Cards?

The straightforward concept of scratch cards and the instant outcome can often lead to many people not viewing it as gambling. However, they undoubtedly fall under the umbrella of gambling. This classification is due to the fact that playing scratch cards involves staking money on games of chance, which is the definition of gambling. 

Scratch card addiction is a real and serious issue. The tell-tale signs include general irritability, lying about purchasing scratch cards, and constantly feeling the need to buy another one, even when you feel guilty after doing so. This is part of the reason for the Lottery's move away from scratch cards and instant win games

Can I Still Claim Old Scratch Cards?

The question of whether or not out-of-date scratch cards can still be claimed is one that many players find themselves asking. The answer, unfortunately, is no. Both lottery tickets and scratch cards in the UK have a claim period of 180 days from the day of the draw or the closure date, respectively. Failing to claim within this period means the ticket or card is no longer valid. 

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So, even as the landscape of the National Lottery changes, there are still plenty of online options available. 

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