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Bonus Blackjack

Bonus blackjack is one of the newest additions to blackjack casino games. Just like all other kinds of blackjack, bonus blackjack can be very entertaining. It follows the same rules as standard blackjack but has a twist! 

Read on to find out how to play bonus blackjack and see what the bonus twist is, that makes this version stand out from the rest.

What Is Bonus Blackjack? 

Bonus blackjack is a variation of blackjack. Part of the reason it’s gaining popularity among blackjack players is that the same strategy as standard blackjack can be used. 

The difference between standard and bonus blackjack is the bonus element in bonus blackjack, where players can make a specific bonus side bet to potentially land a big win.

In bonus blackjack, there is an additional bet that can be made. You bet on if you think you, the dealer or both of you will have a natural blackjack (a hand of two cards equaling 21). If you win the side bet, you receive a 15:1 payout.

Bonus Blackjack Rules 

Bonus blackjack follows the same rules as standard blackjack, with the addition of a few new rules. Let’s go through them together.

  1. Before the cards are dealt, you have the option to make a bonus bet alongside your standard bet. The bonus bet is optional and only applies to the first 2 cards that are dealt (as explained above).
  2. Once you have made your standard bet (and bonus side bet if you choose to), the dealer will then deal 2 cards.
  3. The dealer then also draws 2 cards.
  4. If you want the dealer to give you an additional card, you can tell them you want to “hit”. If you don’t want another card, you can tell them you want to “stand”.
  5. You win if your hand is closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand without going bust. 
  6. The bonus side bet can be settled after the dealer reveals their hole card (face-down card).

Play Blackjack Games Online 

The main reason many players enjoy the bonus blackjack variant is that it offers the potential for bigger wins with the addition of the bonus bet. Different variations of blackjack could help make your gaming session even more entertaining if you’re looking to shake things up. 

Although we currently don’t have the bonus blackjack game at Wizard Slots, we have many other blackjack games that you may enjoy, including:

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