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British Blackjack - How To Play & Rules (7 Cards)

British Blackjack - How To Play & Rules (7 Cards)

British blackjack. Although it shares a name with the classic casino game of 21, it’s an entirely different game. You might know it by names like Switch, Jack Changes, English Blackjack, Peanuckle, Take Two, Irish Switch, Two Four Jacks, Black Jack Pick Up 7, or Last Card game.

Keep reading to learn how to play if you’re looking for a new blackjack game.

What Is British Blackjack? (7 Card Game)

British blackjack is played using one deck of cards, or you could use more, depending on how many players there are

The objective is to eliminate all the cards in hand by attempting to match the rank or suit of the previous card played. Each player receives 7 cards with the rest of the deck placed face down; this is the discard pile. 

How To Play British Blackjack

The game starts from the dealer’s left and proceeds clockwise. The top card of the discard pile is turned face-up to start the game. 

Players need to match the rank or suit of the last played card to place one on the discard pile, and they can go for as long as a run as possible in their turn. For example, if the discard pile shows 7 hearts, a player could place 7 spades, 8 spades, 8 diamonds, 9 diamonds, 9 hearts, and so on. 

You can only place higher value cards if matching suit. The Ace counts as high and low. The next player goes once the current player ends their turn. 

If a player can’t go, they have to take a card from the discard pile. The first player to get rid of all their cards wins.

Note that some cards have special meanings as follows:

  • 2: If a player plays a 2, the next player must pick up 2 cards or put another 2 down. If they also play a 2, the next player after them picks up four cards unless they also have a 2. The cycle can continue until someone hasn’t got a 2 to play, at which point that player picks up the accumulated number of cards. 
  • J: If you play a black J, the next player has to pick up 5 cards unless they also have a black J. If player 2 also drops a black J, player 3 has to pick up 10 cards. Putting a red J down on a black J neutralises its power, so they don’t have to pick up any cards.
  • 10: Playing a 10 reverses the game’s direction. If the first card turned over on the table is 7, the player on the right starts instead of the one on the left. If two people are playing, the dealer starts instead. The rotation goes in that direction until another 10 is put down.
  • 8: An 8 means the next player misses a turn, and the player after them goes.
  • Ace: Drop an Ace, and you can dictate the card suit you want to follow. However, you can’t neutralise a 2, J or an 8 with an A. 

If you have only one card remaining, you must say ‘Last Card’ before the next player makes their move. But if you forget, you’ll have to pick up a card in the next round.

7 Card British Blackjack Rules

Some players shift the game rules slightly, resulting in different variations depending on their preferences. Here are some of the common rule variations:

  • Bring Backs: players already out of the game come back as draw cards.
  • (Any) Jacks on Twos: you can play any J on any 2 and vice versa.
  • (Suited) Jacks on Twos: Js can drop on 2s and vice versa, but the suits need to match.
  • Jokers: you can add jokers to the deck, with the player able to decide what number they are.
  • Queens: any card of the same suit can be played on a Q.

Play British Blackjack Online

British Blackjack presents an interesting alternative to the typical card games you find in an online casino. With all of the different powers of certain cards and different rules, the game can turn around at any point.

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.