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Can AI Predict Slot Machines & Online Slot Games?

Can AI Predict Slot Machines & Online Slot Games?

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and the longstanding goal of some slot players to find a way to predict the outcome of slot games, it is no surprise that the two have met. This has led to many players searching for an answer to the question: “Can AI predict slot machines and online slot games?”. 

Read on as we discuss AI and whether it can be used to predict slot outcomes in this Wizard Slots blog post.

Can Artificial Intelligence Predict Slot Machines?

You may have come across articles stating that artificial intelligence can predict slot machines. However, this claim is entirely false. 

AI uses human-like processes, including learning, reasoning and perception, to solve problems. This has led to many believing it’s possible for AI to identify a pattern in slot games and predict future outcomes. 

Unfortunately for them, since slot machines use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to determine outcomes, AI cannot predict slot machine results.

Is There An Algorithm For Online Slot Games?

All slot machines use a complex algorithm to determine the outcome of every single spin. The RNG runs a seed value through the complex algorithm to produce a number sequence, which corresponds to a random assortment of symbols on the reels.

The RNG produces vast quantities of number sequences at a high rate to make it even more random and unpredictable.

As you click the Spin button, the number sequence generated in that instant is used. 

With each spin being entirely random and an independent event, there is no way for outcomes to be predicted. It is not possible for players, software or AI to predict slot machine outcomes.

Can You Beat Online Slots With AI?

It has never been proven that AI can predict slot machines. Artificial intelligence cannot predict the outcome of a slot since all outcomes are random and independent of previous results. 

AI works by recognising patterns and analysing data in order to learn. However, there is no pattern to find, and the data is previous spins, which have no bearing on future results. Therefore, it is impossible for AI to predict the outcome.

Why Using Machine Learning Doesn’t Work 

Machine Learning is an AI technique that teaches slots to learn from experience. This technique does not work as slot machines are random, and previous results have no impact on future outcomes. So, learning the previous results is essentially useless. 

Slot machines use an RNG to ensure all outcomes are fair, random and unpredictable.

Slot machines are also all very different, making it impossible for AI to learn. Each slot has a different Return To Player (RTP) percentage and, therefore, a different house edge, which the AI cannot overcome or alter. 

Ultimately, AI cannot predict outcomes because there is nothing to be learned from past results. Every spin is independent, so the chances of winning are the same on every spin of the slot.