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What Is A Cashback Casino Bonus?

What Is A Cashback Casino Bonus?

The cashback casino bonus is a bonus that is rising in popularity in UK online casinos. But what exactly is a cashback casino bonus? In this Wizard Slots blog post, you will discover what a cashback casino bonus is, how they work, and how you can get one.

What Is A Cashback Casino Bonus? 

A cashback casino bonus is a bonus that some online casinos may offer to new or existing players. Generally, with this bonus, players can claim part of their deposit back. However, bonuses can differ from casino to casino, so you may want to read the terms and conditions to better understand a specific promotion.

Cashback casino bonuses can typically pay back anywhere between 5% and up to 20% of potential losses over time. Sometimes this is paid back in real money, but typically players are paid back with bonus credit. A common cashback casino bonus is 10% weekly cashback, for example. 

There are various reasons why people may seek out cashback casino bonuses. The most attractive part of this offer tends to be that you can receive part of your money back. Another advantage of cashback casino bonuses is that they have the potential to offer no or low wagering requirements. Cashback casino bonuses can also be a great way for casinos to reward loyal players.

How Do Cashback Bonuses Work? 

Every cashback bonus offer has a set percentage and time period. The online casino will calculate how much cashback you will receive based on how much money from your deposit you lost over a day, week, month, or other timeframe. However, this may change depending on the casino.

Calculating roughly how much cashback you will receive can be relatively straightforward. Simply divide the cashback casino bonus percentage by the amount of money from your deposit that you have lost.

100% Cashback Casino - An Example 

Let’s go through an example. An online casino offers 10% cashback up to £100 to existing players every Sunday. With this offer, players can receive the bonus in the form of cash or bonus credit in their account every Sunday, if claimed. The amount can be calculated based on losses from the previous week. 

If a player lost £250, they would receive £25 back. As the maximum cashback is capped at £100, any loss of more than £1,000 could receive £100.

How Can You Get A Casino Cashback Bonus? 

Getting a casino cashback bonus can be relatively simple. You can usually start by creating an account with a casino that offers a cashback bonus. Next, play slots or casino games with real money. To get cashback, you must make a loss in the period stated in the offer’s terms and conditions. Once you have done this, you can receive the cashback in your account. It’s as easy as that!

While some online casinos have a cashback bonus, others may have different bonuses you may be able to claim. To learn more about the bonuses a certain casino may offer, you can usually go to their promotions page

But keep in mind that each promotion can come with different terms and conditions, so it may be best to read these before trying to claim any casino bonus.

Can You Get Casino Cashback On Losses?

If a casino has a casino cashback offer, then yes, you can potentially get cashback on losses. However, it is most likely that the cashback bonus will not cover all losses. 

Every casino cashback promotion is different, so read the terms and conditions carefully. Some have cashback offers with particular timeframes, and others have caps on how much cashback you can receive. Casino cashback offers vary, and there are a few things you can check to see if it’s right for you, including the bonus cap, wagering requirements, and any game restrictions.