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Looking for an amazing online casino to try your hand at? You've found it with Wizard Slots. With over 350 casino slot games to start playing right now, we guarantee there will be something that takes your fancy. 

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How Do Online Casinos Work?

Online casinos allow you to do just about everything one is able to do in a regular casino. Once you have signed up to a Wizard Slots account and deposited the correct amount of funds into it, you will be able to start playing any of our wonderful games. The joy of an online casino is that you are able to choose between hundreds of games all at the tips of your fingers. All of our games have different themes and quirks so there's always something new and exciting to choose from. 

Our Selection of Online Casino Games:

Just like an in-person casino, there are plenty of different types of games for you to choose from over at Wizard Slots. Browse our wide selection and pick from countless fantastic games.

- Roulette: a game where the player tries to predict which compartment on a wheel a ball will be dropped into. Guessing correctly will allow the player to win but there are many compartments to choose from.
- Blackjack: a card game where players try to get their hand to total as close to 21 as possible. However, if the total score goes over 21, this is called a 'bust' and the player loses the hand. 
- Baccarat: each player is given two or three cards in their hand. The player that wins has the highest remainder when their total is divided by 10. 
- Poker: a card game where players bet to see who has the strongest hand. However, this game can include bluffing and the notorious 'poker face' so with enough skill it is possible to win even with the weakest hand. 
- Scratch Cards: online scratch cards are digitised versions of the traditional 'scratch cards' you can purchase at most convenience stores. 
- Slots Machines: a slot machine game is a game with spinning reels where the player tries to match the symbols and win the game. This is a very popular type of casino game and there are many slots games available on Wizard Slots.
- And many more! Just browse the huge selection over at Wizard Slots and pick from all different types of games.

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The History of UK Online Casinos

Games of chance have always been popular all the way back throughout the history of humanity. Casino houses first became established in 17th century Italy with a gambling house called the 'Ridotto'. From then one they became incredibly popular and began to pop-up throughout Europe and eventually throughout the world. Online Casinos have grown increasingly popular on the turn of the 21st century. With the meteoric rise of the internet, the already popular casino games of the real world found an even more exciting home on the web. Now people are able to play casino games from the comfort of their own homes... and with the rise of mobile casino gaming, players can even play on the go! 

Casino Promotions at Wizard Slots

Want a bit of extra help as you're playing? Check out our promotions over at Wizard Slots. Remember to keep an eye on our promotions regularly because they change often and you never know what you might find. Promotions can make all the difference when playing in online casinos and you should always check which ones are available before starting a game. 

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Payments in our Online Casino

Ready and eager to get started? It will only take you a few moments to deposit funds before you can start to play some of our amazing games. Firstly, you will want to go to Wizard Slots and login to your Wizard Slots account. If you do not yet have a Wizard Slots account, you will need to sign up and create one. This process is simple and should only take you a few minutes.

Next you should pick a method to deposit funds into your account. Here at Wizard Slots, you can pay by:


PayPal is a safe, secure, and easy-to-access option that will help you to make payments quickly. You'll need to sign up to a PayPal account first over at and either place money into your PayPal wallet or link your PayPal account to your bank account so that you will be able to access it. Then deposit the money using the 'deposit money' page over at Wizard Slots. Again some PayPal options use direct debit so be careful you don't deposit more money than you can afford to spend.

Debit/Credit Card

the most popular method of payment. You'll simply need the correct amount of funds in your bank account for debit payments, a valid and working debit card, the card number, the expiry date, and quite often the CVV code on the back of your card. With Credit Cards you can pay it all back at a later date, perfect for those waiting for payday.

A PaySafe Card

A PaySafe card can be found at most local shops and convenience stores. This can be a useful option for those that wish to control how much they are spending as you can put a set amount of money on the card when you buy it. This will be a useful means to control how much you deposit. 

Pay By Mobile Casino's

Pay By Mobile is a relatively new option for payments but one that can prove very useful! Simply go to Wizard Slots and choose 'Pay By Mobile' as your preferred option. You will need a working phone connected to a carrier. If you are on a Pay Monthly contract, you can choose to add the amount you spend to your bill at the end of the month. If you are on a Pay As You Go contract, the funds you spend will be deducted from your balance. Simply enter your phone number into Wizard Slots and you will likely be asked to verify your phone number via text or an automated phone call. 

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The Future of Online Casinos

With so much behind them, you have to wonder just where online casinos are going next! Well, mind-blowing developments in technology over the last few years have meant a lot for the world of online casinos. Given enough time, it seems likely that you might be able to play in Virtual Reality online casinos using the latest equipment for an even more immersive experience. This could completely revolutionise the wild world of online casinos.

If you're looking for a massive selection of amazing online casino games, look no further! Wizard Slots is the website for you. Head over now to take your pick from any of our fantastic games and get started straight away. Remember to gamble responsibly. 

Any references to bonuses and free spins are subject to the following terms: New players only, min deposit £10, £8 max win per 10 spins, max bonus conversion equal to lifetime deposits (up to £250), 65X wagering requirements and full T&Cs apply. Please see our promotions page for more information.