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Rainbow Riches

Do you love playing slots online? Because Leprechauns are almost as popular as fruit in the world of online slot machines, and indeed the classic physical cabinets. Who wouldn’t want the luck of the Irish on their side when gambling for big cash prizes? The folklore of the leprechaun is tailor-made for casino games. Not only does the leprechaun provide a vibrant and characterful host to take centre stage, but legend has it he keeps a pot of gold coins at the end of the rainbow. Grab your four leaf clover, cross those fingers and spin to win with the first of Scientific Games’ popular Rainbow Riches series of slots online.

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About this Top-rated Slot Developer

Scientific Games (aka SG Interactive) are in an enviable position. Through their acquired companies, they have been in the game for over 85 years. A global leader in casino games, slots and lottery gaming, Scientific Games are headquartered in Las Vegas but have almost 10,000 employees across 6 continents. All this and more puts them front and centre as one of the finest and most reliable developers in providing quality casino and UK Slots gaming for players and casinos alike. Read more about your favourite developers here!

Rainbow Riches Online Slot Info

Musically, Rainbow Riches doesn’t get going until you spin those reels. Hit the SPIN button and a high-pitched sound, like a magic wand being waved, will ring out as the reels rotate. Each reel lands successively with a dull thud left to right, followed by an upbeat harp trill if you’re lucky enough to have landed a winning combination. A pleasing KA-CHING! sound rings once the game has displayed all your winning combinations.

An exaggerated Irish jig also plays out in the bonus rounds such as the Road to Riches which builds pace as you progress along the road.

The title screen introduces the leprechaun that serves as host for this casino game. A cartoony figure, he wears a green jacket and trousers, the latter rolled up to the knees to display his stripy socks. His green suit is complemented with a yellow waistcoat, red scarf and dark blue shoes. Of course, in true caricatured tradition, he wears a green buckled top hat and has a pipe hanging from his mouth.

Strangely, he is not featured on the main game screen, perhaps because he is a symbol inside the Gameboard. The visuals are functional and simple but not without a hint of charm. A colourful rainbow arcs across the screen with the sky, hills and all other background elements presented in varying shades of purple.

The Gameboard is framed by an intricate lattice effect and gilded with gold for good measure. The icons, detailed below, are solidly illustrated and have little animations when a winning combination is scored, like a spinning coin when the WILD appears in a win.

rainbow riches gameplay 2


This Irish-inspired casino game follows the standard Gameboard template of modern slots online. With 5 reels and 3 rows, it allows a mixture of 15 icons to land with each spin. There are 10 icons in all split into 3 categories: low value, high value / WILDS and bonus SCATTERS.

Low-value icons: based on a standard deck of cards, the 5 low-value icons are 10, J, Q, K and A. Each is a different colour outlined in gold. High value & WILD icons: There are only 2 high-value icons, one of which doubles as the game’s WILD. The title icon is the first high value, offering credits for the appearance of 2 or more. The WILD symbol features a gold coin with the head of a leprechaun in profile. It is the highest value symbol and can substitute any icon except for the 3 bonus SCATTERS.

Bonus scatters: The 3 bonus SCATTERS are the leprechaun character popping out of a golden frame, a wishing well and a gleaming pot of gold with a rainbow arcing across it. While these do not score, 3 or more of a kind will activate the Road To Riches, Wishing Well and Pots Of Gold features respectively. With 20 winning paylines and full customisation options when it comes to modifying your bet, Rainbow Riches is agreeably flexible before you even take your first spin.

Road To Riches: The leprechaun SCATTER can appear anywhere on the reels. 3 or more triggers the bonus round, where you will arrive in a verdant green valley crisscrossed by a yellow road. The road is littered with multipliers which increase the further along the road you get. At the end lies a pot of gold with a x400 multiplier. The leprechaun spins a wheel of fortune with a cheery “Off we go!” Land on a number and you will be moved that many spaces along the road. This continues until you hit the jackpot or the wheel lands on one of 2 COLLECT positions; you will then be awarded the multiplier you reached.

rainbow riches gameplay


Wishing Well: The wishing well SCATTER can appear anywhere on the reels. Trigger the Wishing Well bonus with 3 or more symbols. This is a very simple pick n’ click game. Choose between 3 wishing wells and reveal your multiplier prize.

Pots Of Gold: The pot of gold SCATTER only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4, making it the hardest bonus game to activate. If you are lucky enough to activate it, gold, silver and bronze pots will start to spin around the screen with an arrow ending up pointing at one. You are then awarded the multiplier within that pot.

Our Verdict on this Casino Slot

On the surface, Rainbow Riches is a fairly standard game, hard to differentiate from many other online slots. However, beyond its simple illustrations and audio, the bonus games really help it to shine. Wishing Well and Pots of Gold are short but sweet while Road To Riches is a fun, potentially lengthier diversion. And who doesn’t like the gameshow tension built by a wheel of fortune?!

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