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Slots With Wild Symbols (What Are They & Where To Play?)

No casino is complete without slots. It isn't easy to picture a casino without imagining the typical scenario seen countless times in films and TV, of someone winning big on the slot machines with bells ringing and coins spilling out. However, slots are random, so no player has a sure shot at winning. Although, some in-game features could help you potentially win large sums of money.

Yep, we're talking about wild symbols! Today, we will discuss these wild symbols, how they work, and the different types you can encounter when playing slots online. At the end of this article, you'll find a list of some of the best slots with wild symbols available. You can find most of these, along with a vast array of other real money slots, right here at Wizard slots! So, without further ado, let's get started.

What is a Wild Symbol? 

Wild symbols are special symbols that can substitute for other symbols to help form potential winning combinations. These wild symbols will be visible whilst the reels spin because they have a chance of popping up on the reel just as regular symbols do. 

These wild symbols are bonuses and may lead to special prizes in the form of payouts. In some uk slot games, the wild symbols pay out higher than the regular symbols; it is sometimes the highest paying symbol in the game. Hence, these symbols should not be ignored when playing slots online. 

What Do Wild Symbols Look Like? 

Are you wondering how you can identify wild symbols in slots? It's not a challenging task as in some slot games, like 'Wheel of Fortune Triple Spin', the wild symbol has the word 'Wild' written inside it. In other slots, you may find the wild symbol to be the game's logo, or it may even appear as one of the characters in the slot. 

There's no fixed rule as to which symbol the wild symbol should be, but you can always identify the wild symbol by opening the payout table before playing. The best part is that some slots even offer 2 wild symbols! The first can pop up in the base game, while the second might be triggered in a bonus game. 

What Do Wild Symbols Do? 

Wild symbols can substitute the other slot symbols you encounter on the reels and may help form a winning combination. However, these wild symbols usually cannot substitute for other bonus symbols, such as the jackpot and scatter icons. 

As mentioned earlier, they may also award payouts for landing a specific number in a single spin. It varies from different slots, whether these have to be on a payline or whether they can land anywhere. 

The Different Types Of Wild Symbols 

Now that you know what wild symbols are and what they do, let's talk about the different types of wild symbols you can encounter in slots:

Sticky Wilds 

The sticky wilds are symbols that will 'stick' to or stay on the reels for several spins and usually appear on the middle reels. The purpose of the sticky wild symbol is to create more winning possibilities and help you potentially win large sums of money. 

Expanding Wilds 

Expanding wilds are unique as they grow in size to take up more space. These wild symbols can sometimes even expand to cover the entire reel, and this may trigger the slot jackpot. 

These expanding wild symbols usually appear in bonus rounds, but at times, they can also show up in the base game. 

Shifting Wilds 

The shifting wild symbols move around the reels in contrast to the sticky wilds. They usually 'shift' in a single direction until they go off the reels. Shifting wild symbols either show up on the first reel and move to the end or on the last reel and move to the first one. 

Stacked Wilds 

Stacked wild symbols are symbols that appear on top of each other. These symbols appear to be stacked upon one another and are great for potentially helping form winning combinations. 

Walking Wilds 

Walking wilds are a unique sort of wild symbol as the symbols appear to walk from one spot to another. They continue to do this until they fall off either side of the reel. Some walking wild symbols award re-spins as long as the wild symbols are walking around! 

Transferring Wilds 

A slot with multiple sets of reels may offer transferring wilds. Transferring wilds get copied on other sets of reels when the wild symbols appear on any 1 set of reels. 

Multiplier Wilds 

Multiplier wilds are just like they sound - they multiply any payouts awarded from any winning combinations they contribute to. If such multiplier wilds feature on 2 winning paylines, both payouts will multiply. Slots with multiplier wilds are some of the most popular. 

Random Wilds 

Random wilds are wild symbols that can appear on any reel at any given time. These may help create more winning possibilities and provide some variety to the slot. 

Overlay Wilds 

Overlay wilds form a particular shape and replace various other symbols like normal. These wild symbols land on the reels after a spin and can cover symbols. They cannot land on top of a regular wild, such as a stacked wild, but instead, they may create shapes rather than a line of wild symbols. 

These wild symbols have the chance to set off the exciting bonus features in several online slots.

Best Slots With Wild Symbols To Play 

All casino goers love slots, and why not? They're random, have the potential to award big wins and offer players the chance to interact with exciting wild symbols! Some of the best slots with wild symbols available at top online casinos like Wizard Slots are:

  • Wolf Gold by Pragmatic Play - 96.01% RTP
  • Starburst by NetEnt - 96.9% RTP
  • Savage Jungle by Playtech - 96.54% RTP
  • The Goonies Jackpot King by Blueprint Gaming - 96.06% RTP
  • Tahiti Gold by ELK Studios - 96.1% RTP
  • Egyptian Emeralds by Playtech - 96.36% RTP
  • Mr Macau by Betsoft - 97.07% RTP

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.