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Slot Symbols - Different Bonus Symbols Explained

Ever wondered why many slot machines have the same symbols popping up on them? If you're an avid slot player, you've certainly come across symbols like the cherry, BAR, 7s, etc. With countless slots constantly developed, it's no surprise that the features are getting advanced. However, the slot symbols more or less remain the same!

Hence, we'll look at the different slot symbols and give you a detailed description so that the next time you encounter them, you'll be a bit more informed on the matter.

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What Are Symbols In Slots? 

Slot symbols are the icons that fill the reels, and the ones present determine the outcome. They are known to be entertaining, often themed, and have the potential to award players with bonus features, multipliers, and even bonus spins.

These are an essential part of the slot as the game mechanics and payouts are often determined by slot symbols. Plus, the slot symbols add a unique touch to the slot through well-designed symbols that may be custom-made for the slot in question.

The slot symbols you can expect to find in almost every slot machine are the wild, scatter, multiplier, and bonus symbols. However, most people don't understand how these symbols work; therefore, we'll explain them in detail below!

One thing to remember before we get started is that the number of slot symbols does not affect your chances of winning. That is because the symbols displayed on each spin are always generated by an RNG (Random Number Generator), so the RNG determines the symbols shown, and the symbols shown determine the outcome. 

Standard Symbols 

The standard symbols exist in every slot and are the primary symbols. The standard symbols in most online slots are card-based symbols such as 10, J, Q, K, and A. However, some slots prefer to have the classic fruit machine symbols to be their standard symbols.

The higher-paying symbols in slot games may be more intricate and inventive than these card symbols or classic fruit machine symbols. Such high-paying symbols will follow the game's theme or have special effects that catch your attention.

Most leading game developers have similar styles they like to apply to different kinds of slots. So, to try and best understand these standard symbols, become accustomed to the symbols used by top providers such as Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, etc. 

Wild Symbols 

The wild symbols are probably the most preferred symbol by players in slots. Almost every slot will feature a wild symbol; however, some exceptions exist. The idea behind the wild symbol is that it can substitute for any other symbol (except the scatter and other bonus symbols) on all the reels. The wild symbol could then help you form a winning combination. 

Since many slots use card-based symbols, the joker plays the 'wild symbol' role in several slots. Therefore, you should keep an eye on the wilds as they may increase the possibility of you having a win. Before playing a slot with wild symbols, always check if the wild can appear on all reels or just specific reels.

Since online slots are constantly evolving, the types of wild symbols have seen innovation as well. For example, players can encounter different wild symbols such as 'expanding wilds' or even 'multiplier wilds'. Expanding wilds can change their size when you land them on reels, and multiplier wilds can have a bonus effect of increasing the payout of wins! Hence, the wild symbol is one you should always keep an eye on. 

Scatter Symbols 

Most video slots offer the scatter symbol even though it's slightly rarer than the rest. Scatter symbols may also be harder to land; however, they often have the advantage of not having to be a part of a pay line to be triggered.

Most slots require 3 or more scatters anywhere on the reels in a single spin for you to trigger one of the bonus features. Plus, the scatter symbols are frequently associated with getting extra spins, so if you're a fan of a slot offering bonus spins, watch out for the scatter symbol! 

The spins can also be profitable, and you may be awarded several bonus spins (usually 5 - 15). However, remember that the scatter symbol's payout may not be as high as the higher-paying symbols in the slot you're playing.

Bonus Symbols 

Do you love bonus games within slots? Then you should watch out for the bonus symbols in the slot you're playing! Bonus symbols are like scatters and can sometimes even interchange functions with them (the scatter could trigger the bonus game, and the bonus symbols could get you the extra spins).

Usually, the bonus symbols' design reflects the slot's theme. The bonus symbols usually also display some of the best visual effects, so players don't miss them. The bonus games they trigger may require some decision-making from the player, and these can be 'pick me' type rounds or spinning a bonus wheel; they vary from slot to slot. 

Multiplier Symbols 

The multiplier symbols are considered rare but can increase your payouts. They land on the reels and can multiply your payout by whatever amount they show.

These multiplier symbols are usually standard and are not available in every slot; they can also vary in size and how they are applied. For example, some slots may offer multipliers up to 50x, but others may only go up to 10x. Also, in some slots, the multiplier may have to be part of a winning combination to be applied to the winnings, whereas in others, it may apply just for landing anywhere on the reels.

Stacked Symbols 

Stacked symbols take up more space on the reels and may fill a reel; they also increase the odds of them becoming part of a winning combination by covering a larger area. Some stacked symbols have an added bonus, and as of late, they have become quite popular in slots. The main reason is that they have more potential to help you achieve a winning combination more often than not. There is no doubt we’ll be seeing more and more of the stacked wild slots in the future. 

Sticky Symbols 

Sticky symbols do what their name suggests - they stick to the reels and remain fixed for several spins! If the sticky symbol has bonus properties, the player could see many benefits from them. Sticky symbols are highly sought-after in slots, so slot developers usually place them within the bonus rounds. 

Slot Symbols FAQ 

Why Do Slot Machines Have Fruit Symbols? 

When the first slot machines originated, there was a legal restriction on gambling. That led to the slot machine's original card symbols being replaced with fruit symbols to match the flavours of chewing gum the machines offered in order to get around the gambling laws. 

What Are The Best Symbols In Slot Machines? 

The highest-paying symbols in slots are always the best. These are usually the wild symbols, paying more when multiple lands on a payline in a single spin. Bonus symbols are also great as they can allow you to access the bonus rounds and potentially lead to big wins.

What's The Oldest Slot Machine Symbol? 

The oldest slot machine symbols were diamonds, spades, hearts, a bell, and horseshoes. They are known as the classic slot machine symbols. 

How Many Symbols Are On A Slot Machine Reel? 

The first slot machines developed only had 3 reels with only 1 row. Nowadays, slots vary a lot on the number of reels and rows, but the most common layout now is 5 reels and 3 rows, so there are most commonly 3 symbols visible on each reel.