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Do Slots Pay More At Certain Times? (Morning, Night, Weekends)

Do Slots Pay More At Certain Times?

Due to the spreading of many different "theories", many slot players have beliefs about slots. One such thought is that slots pay different amounts based on the time of day; whilst some swear by this theory, others are sceptical. This argument has led to many players searching for a straightforward answer to 'Do slots pay more at certain times?' You may find various articles saying slots pay more in the morning or at night; however, these articles are untrue and based on myths. 

Keep reading this article if you want to discover the reality of slot payouts, as we will answer all your burning questions and dispel a few gambling myths. If you're interested in playing some of the most popular slots online, check out our detailed catalogue of 1,000+ slot games here at Wizard Slots. For now, back to the topic! 

When Is The Best Time To Play Slots Online? 

Do slots pay more at certain times? If so, when's the best time to play these slots online? First, you should know that there's no specific time of the day that you'll experience more wins. Those who tell you slots payout more at weekends are mistaken, too, as slots operate randomly; hence, the timing doesn't matter.

Many slot enthusiasts believe in superstitions such as slots paying out more at certain times. Some other misconceptions about playing online casino slot games include:

  • Payouts are higher when playing at night since more people will be playing.
  • High payouts on the weekends.
  • High payouts on Mondays.
  • Your future winnings depend on your previous results - the gambler's fallacy.

Do Slots Pay More At Certain Times? 

Some players believe playing at night will lead to more payouts. Others believe in the power of 4:20 and bet high on it. However, slot payouts aren't affected by time; they occur by pure chance. There's no magical time when playing slots will lead to definite payouts. 

The probability will always remain the same regardless of when you're playing. Rigging the machines would require casinos to change the microchips that determine the frequency of payouts, and this isn't possible.

Why The Time Of Day Doesn't Affect Slot Payouts 

Now that we've established that the time of day has zero effect on the mechanism of slot payouts, let's understand why. Modern-day slot machines are operated via an RNG (Random Number Generator) that determines the outcome of each spin.

These RNGs ensure that every spin displays a random outcome regardless of the timing. Since these machines have no memory, the past results have zero effect on generating the outcome. 

Almost all casino games online use an RNG, meaning that the outcome of each spin is entirely random, regardless of day or night.

So, when you click on the spin button or press it, you're sending an instruction to the RNG to bring you one of the billion outcomes constantly being produced. The RNG will create sequences of numbers continually, and the moment you press spin, the sequence produced in that instant is selected. This sequence corresponds to a combination of symbols on the reels, which will then be displayed, and you will discover if you have won or lost. Hence, the time you play does not matter regarding your chances of winning. 

Do Slot Machines Have To Payout? 

Have you ever heard of a slot described as 'hot' or 'cold'? These two terms reference how close the slot machine is to paying out or hitting. Some players believe when a slot is 'hot', it's close to paying out, and when it's 'cold', it's nowhere near. Slot players also believe that slots will pay out once a certain sum of money is deposited in them.

The fact is that these are misconceptions, and there's no such thing as 'hot' and 'cold' in slot machines and slot payouts can happen at any time. Several people have tested this theory with modern-day slot machines to see if slots payout once a certain sum is reached, but they've only learned that slot payouts can happen anytime. It could be the next spin, or the payout may not occur for 1,000 more spins. Wins can occur on back-to-back spins just as easily as they can occur multiple hours or days apart; each spin is an independent event.

The way a slot decides to pay is solely based on 2 factors, and they are:

  • Game programming: How often the developer designs a game to pay out (based on a certain mathematical models and not on external factors such as player balance). 
  • The payback setting a casino selects: This is the Return To Player (RTP) rate option chosen from all the available choices provided by the game developer (almost half a dozen).

In conclusion, slots don't pay more at certain times. Instead, the game's mechanics decide when the slots pay out, which are based on complex mathematical formulas. There's no pattern as the RNG ensures all results are randomly generated. Remember, your chances of winning will remain the same regardless of when you play.