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How Do Slot Machines Know When To Pay Out?

If you’re wondering how casino slot machine games know when to pay out, you’re among many! Legend has it that there’s a certain time of day when slots hit more than usual, but is there any truth to that? The short answer is no, and this is because slot machines use Random Number Generators to ensure all outcomes are fair and random. 

Today, we’ll clear all your questions regarding how slot machines know when to pay out. Keep reading to find out all you need to know! If you’re interested in trying out some famous slots, check out our extensive range of 900+ casino games and real money slots online here at Wizard slots.

Are Slot Machines Programmed or Random? 

The trick to finding out how slot machines know when to pay out lies in learning how slot machines work! First, you should know that slot machines are programmed to be completely random and ensures fair play for all. The algorithm in these machines generates random sequences and is programmed to display outcomes as a set of symbols across the slots paylines

Is there an Algorithm for Slot Machines? 

A RNG (Random Number Generator) is the algorithm used in slot machines. These don’t have any memory, so the numbers produced on each turn are completely random. Don’t be confused by the Random ‘Number’ Generator, as slots don’t usually have numbers. Hence, RNGs generate different combinations across the paylines in terms of symbols in slots

Back in the day, slots at land-based casinos were designed with metal reels filled with numbers that would stop with a magnetic braking system. When the reels would stop was determined by this system, and some players thought they had cracked the code. Hence, casinos started using RNGs in slots

Over time, casinos learned that RNGs could be predictable, and some people had begun to find some occasional patterns. This is where Pseudo Random Number Generators (PRNGs) came in! Today, all the best casinos use PRNGs, which use complex mathematical formulas to form random outcomes. 

Can Casinos Control Slot Machines? 

One of the main reasons casino players want to know how slot machines know when to pay out is to figure out whether casinos control these slots or not. As mentioned, PRNGs are the algorithms being used by slots, making them completely random. 

Some unlicensed casinos are said to use algorithms designed to help them earn a substantial amount of money and only give out small returns for bets. Luckily, playing at reliable casinos such as Wizard Slots that are regulated by the proper authorities will keep you away from such issues. 

Several regulation offices exist today, such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Curacao regulators, the Malta Gaming Authority, Belgium Gaming Commission, etc. If you feel like a casino is cheating, you can forward your complaints to these offices, and they will assist you. If the casino is guilty of rigging slots, it could lose its licence. 

Furthermore, licensed software providers must submit their games with checked RTP, RNG, and volatility. Remember that reliable casinos such as Wizard Slots have no incentive to cheat their players. That’s because reliable casinos intend to stay in the market and offer a fun and entertaining service to their customers.

Do Slot Machines Have a Payout Schedule? 

Everyone has an equal chance of hitting the jackpot in slots. Even if you don’t manage to get this jackpot, you can potentially receive small payouts from time to time. The PRNGs determine these payouts and results, and you can map out the frequency of your own payouts since we are dealing with numbers.

That’s where the payout schedule takes the spotlight! This schedule is in a worksheet document that displays the machine’s specifications. These include:

  • The theoretical percentage the slot should have is based on the amount you bet.
  • The variety of payouts is displayed as multipliers of the line bet on the payout schedule. 
  • Reel settings and game features.
  • The estimated probability of winning.
  • Accepted bet sizes.
  • Certification of the slot game (not all the time). 

These payout schedules can help you determine whether a certain slot is right for you. Understanding these payout schedules can potentially help you maximise your wins. Plus, certain slots only allow you a chance at the jackpot by betting the maximum amount. You can find out which slots do this by keeping an eye on the payout schedule of slots. 

Is there a Way to Tell When a Slot Machine is About to Hit? 

All slot players wish there was a way to tell when a slot machine is about to hit. However, that would certainly take the fun out of the game! The real thrill and excitement lies in the unpredictability, and reliable casino operators constantly ensure there’s no way to tell at all when a slot machine will pay out. 

The algorithms used in mobile slots today ensure that no matter how many spins take place, the next outcome remains random. However, many casino players still believe there is a way to tell when slot machines will pay out, and one great example of this is the gambler’s fallacy. This is when you think that the outcome of the previous result will impact the next result. 

However, that doesn’t happen anymore as slot machines have become like flipping a coin. There’s an equal chance of every outcome, and no one can be sure when the slot will hit.