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What Is A Cold Call In Poker?

What Is A Cold Call In Poker?

The popular casino game poker has various strategies players can employ, but not many are as controversial as cold calling. Most poker players do not like it, believing it to be a risky move. However, others think it can be a beneficial move. But what exactly is a cold call in poker, and when should you use it?

This is exactly what we’ll be discussing in this Wizard Slots blog post, so keep reading to find out!

What Is A Cold Call In Poker?

Before we explain when you could make a cold call, we’ll explain what it is first. A cold call happens when a player calls a bet after a raise or multiple raises. 

For example, say you are playing with four other players. Player one bets, player two also bets, but player three raises. If you choose to call at this point, this would be seen as a cold call.

When Should You Cold Call In Poker?

While cold calling can be risky because it can sometimes hint at a weak hand, it also has the potential to be beneficial if used correctly. Below are some of the instances where cold calling may work well in your favour:

Cold Calling When Playing Against Aggressors

It is not uncommon for some poker players to play tight, aggressive games. Therefore, if one of your opponents is an aggressive player and they have raised, it may be best for you to call, see if your hand can improve on the flop, then fold if you think your hand is behind your opponent.

Aggressive players will often bet or raise, so if you cold call, there is a good chance they will bet later on. Calling on an aggressor’s bet may lead them to overcommit, and then you can potentially exploit this loose play.

However, it is usually best to cold call on an aggressor when you have a strong hand, under representing the strength of your hand to potentially get the maximum return when further action occurs.

Cold Call With Pocket Pairs

Cold calling would not be a bad idea if two or more opponents before you have raised and you are in a late position and are holding a low to medium pocket pair. Otherwise, if no one has entered the pot, the standard play would be to raise your pocket pair in late position.

Cold Call When There Are Other Players With Weak Hands

If you are an experienced poker player, it may be easy to spot a fish. After all, fish can be valuable assets for good poker players. So, if you spot a fish behind you, you can make a cold call because that may prompt them into making a poor decision, such as investing in a losing hand.


In conclusion, cold calling can potentially work in your favour if used strategically. While cold calling may not be seen as the optimal strategy, it is not entirely a bad move. It’s easier to exploit opponents when you know them well, so understand your position, the strength of your hand and your opponents’ skills and behaviours. 

That way, you are more likely to make good cold calls that have the potential to work in your favour.