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Crazy Time Strategies - Is There A Strategy To Win?

Crazy Time Strategies

Crazy Time is a relatively new and entertaining live casino game show created by Evolution Gaming. Since its creation, many strategies have been created. Can these strategies help you win? Continue reading this Wizard Slots blog post to find out!

What Is Crazy Time? 

Crazy Time is a fun and unique live casino game show created by Evolution Gaming. This live casino game offers players a maximum potential win of up to 20,000x their total bet! 

The main game starts by spinning the money wheel. The Top Slot also spins along with the money wheel. When it stops spinning, the Top Slot may determine a random multiplier for a certain number. If the money wheel stops on this number, then the random multiplier may be applied to it. The Top Slot could also potentially land on a random number or a bonus game.

The money wheel could also stop on a bonus game. Every player can watch the bonus games. However, only the players who bet on the chosen bonus game can participate. There are 4 potential bonus games that can be unlocked:

  • Cash Hunt Bonus Game: The Cash Hunt bonus is a shooting gallery-style game. Players select the image where they think the top multiplier is hiding, and if they guess correctly, they win. There are 108 random multipliers in this game.
  • Coin Flip Bonus Game: The Coin Flip bonus game is nice and simple. Players will pick whether they think the blue or red side of the coin will land. The coin is then flipped, and if the chosen colour lands, players can win the corresponding multiplier prize.
  • Pachinko Bonus Game: The Pachinko bonus game features a Pachinko board covered in pegs. A puck is then dropped. The position of the puck determines the possible multiplier. If the puck lands in the ‘Double’ segment, it will double the amount of all possible multipliers. If this happens, the puck is dropped again until a random multiplier is won. This bonus game offers potential multipliers of up to 10,000x!
  • Crazy Time Bonus Game: Before the bonus wheel spins, players will choose their stopper colour; yellow, blue or green. The wheel will then stop to reveal the winning multiplier of up to 20,000x your bet. You could also potentially land on a ‘Double’ in this bonus game too.

Crazy Time Strategies 

Crazy Time is a game of chance, and using any strategies won’t help increase your chances of winning because all outcomes are ultimately random. However, we’re going to share some of the most popular Crazy Time strategies with you.

10-5-2-1 Strategy 

The 10-5-2-1 Strategy is all about numbers!

Using this Strategy allows you to cover around 83% of the wheel. The idea of this Strategy is that you might be able to play for longer and could potentially generate small but frequent wins. However, as this is a casino game, nothing can ever be guaranteed. 

To implement the 10-5-2-1 Strategy, you can follow the steps below;

  • Place 2 units on section 10
  • Place 2 units on section 5
  • Place 2 units on section 2
  • Place 4 units on section 1

The Bonus Hunter Strategy 

The Bonus Hunter Strategy concentrates around the games’ bonus rounds. The aim of using this Strategy is to try and play as many bonus rounds as possible before you spend your bankroll. 

The Bonus Hunter Strategy only covers around 16% of the wheel. Here’s how you can play the Bonus Hunter Strategy:

  • Place 2 units on Crazy Time Bonus
  • Place 2 units on Coinflip Bonus
  • Place 2 units on Pachinko Bonus
  • Place 4 units on Cash Hunt Bonus

Crazy Time Strategy 

The Crazy Time Strategy only covers 1.85% of the wheel. It’s essentially a non-strategy strategy. You can use the Crazy Time Strategy by following these steps:

  • Place any bet on the Crazy Time bonus
  • Confirm your bet and watch to see what happens!

What Is The Best Crazy Time Strategy? 

There isn’t a “best” Crazy Time strategy, as strategies do not increase your chances of winning. This is because Crazy Time is a casino chance game, and all outcomes are random. If you want to play Crazy Time, we recommend doing what you find most entertaining and fun - whether that’s potentially implementing a strategy or doing your own thing. Remember to always gamble responsibly

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins, etc.) mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.