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Do Casinos Use Loaded or Rigged Dice?

Do Casinos Use Loaded or Rigged Dice

If you research some of the most common casino myths, one you may see could be the use of rigged dice. Many punters believe some casinos use loaded or rigged dice in their table games. Of course, casinos cannot use rigged dice as it would be against gambling regulations.

The myth about loaded dice is one that some punters may use to console themselves after consecutive losses. In truth, there is no such thing.

What Are Loaded Dice?

Loaded dice are dice that have been adjusted so that they land favouring a particular side more than fair dice would. They’re weighted to one side, so they land on that side more frequently.

Do Casinos Use Weighted Dice?

No, casinos do not use weighted dice. Aside from the practice being against the law, casinos don’t need to use rigged dice as it has no advantages. The house generally wins in the long run, thanks to the odds, house edge, and payouts possible on each bet. Loaded dice would alter the house edge, thereby affecting the casino’s potential profits.

Lastly, the casino does not need to use sneaky tactics like weighted dice as they already have a house edge on all their casino and slot games. So, they already expect to make a profit as long as casino games are being played. Using weighted dice would be an unnecessary and time-consuming move.

How Do You Know If Dice Are Loaded?

It might be difficult to detect if dice are loaded if you have never had any experience with them. Generally, the dice should feel somewhat heavy. But you can roll it a couple hundred times to see if the dice land towards one side more than the other.

Are Casino Dice Rigged?

No. Casinos cannot rig dice. They use random dice, and all their tables are level. Casinos don’t rig their dice because it is unethical. In addition, they know it would be against the licensing rules, so they don’t want their gaming licences stripped.

Lastly, if casinos use rigged dice in their dice games, it would give the players an edge instead of the establishment. That wouldn’t be a smart move for a casino looking to make profits.