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Do Online Casinos Let You Win At First?

Are you new to playing slots and have ever wondered if online casinos let you win at first? We’ll be busting this myth in this blog post. 

We’ll discuss whether online casinos are rigged, whether casinos can control who wins and if online casinos are beatable.

Do Casinos Let You Win At First To Get You Hooked? 

When you first join an online casino, you’re met with exciting welcome bonuses, a wide selection of the best casino games to play and various other incentives. 

The chances of winning on casino games are completely random whether you are a new or experienced player. 

If you were to win on your first slot machine, you could be thinking it’s beginner’s luck. If you then played 5 more different slot machines and didn’t win, you could believe that the previous win was because you were new, and now that you’re a member, you don’t win as much. While these thoughts may have come across your mind, we’re here to tell you they are not true! This is because playing slots is random.

Casinos do not let you win at first to get you hooked. Online casinos use incentives to keep players coming back. This includes rewards schemes, such as loyalty rewards, where you are rewarded for being a longstanding member. Some reward schemes have exciting rewards such as free spins, bonus funds and vouchers. This is more likely to keep players returning than the casino letting them win at first.

If you win big at first or win a significant amount at any time, it’s down to chance. 

Are Online Casinos Rigged? 

Legal UK online casinos are not rigged, and to ensure casinos are fair for all players, specific measures and practices are put in place and followed.

Firstly, all UK online casinos must be licensed with the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). The licence should be easy to find on the casino website. The UKGC conducts regular rigorous checks to ensure the casino runs legally and that the slot games are not rigged. 

Here are a couple of things you can check for to ensure you are playing in a fair and legal online casino:

  • The UKGC is the official regular of gambling in the UK. All UK online casinos must have a license to operate. This license should be easy to find on the online casino website.
  • It has straightforward and easy-to-find terms and conditions.
  • The online casino promotes responsible gambling, provides tips on how to gamble safely, and links to help if you think you have a problem.
  • They follow the UK tax law.
  • The casino ensures data protection and has things in place to ensure player security.
  • The website is user-friendly, high-quality, and has up-to-date contact information readily available.

Do Casinos Control Who Wins? 

Casino games are entirely random, and casinos do not control when players win. The casino cannot rig slots to favour new players the first time they play.

The only thing that controls when or if a player wins in online slots is the Random Number Generator (RNG).

The RNG is a computer algorithm in slot machines. This algorithm generates millions of different number sequences every second, every time a player hits the spin button. These number sequences are generated at random. The number sequence corresponds to a random array of symbols on the reels. A winning or non-winning outcome will then be revealed. As a random number generator is always used, the outcome of a spin is random and cannot be predicted.

Can You Beat Online Casinos? 

You cannot necessarily beat online casinos. As we mentioned, the outcome of a slot is always random due to the RNG used. 

The chances of landing a win also differ from slot to slot, so here are some tips and ideas of things you could try: