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Fixing Casino Game Errors (Frozen Screen, Game Not Loading, Etc)

Online casinos have introduced a new kind of convenience and accessibility that may not have been necessarily possible before. But they are not without their problems. For example, using the internet to access your favourite casino game means that you sometimes may deal with a frozen screen, the game not loading, and other related problems.

If this sounds familiar, continue reading to find solutions to these issues. Or you can register with Wizard Slots to access over 1,000 casino games!

What To Do If Your Casino Game Freezes? 

Freezing casino games is rare, especially if you are playing your casino games from a reputable and reliable slot site like Wizard Slots, but it does happen. And when it does, it can be pretty frustrating, especially if you do not know how to fix it.

A frozen casino game or loading issues are usually temporary and often caused by poor internet connection. But, you may not always know the cause or how to fix it until you have applied some process of elimination. So, to begin:

  • Check your internet connection
  • Follow your service provider's troubleshooting steps if your internet connection is off.
  • If that does not help, close the game and reload it.
  • If the problem persists, then clear cache and cookies from your web browser
  • Afterwards, restart your computer and reload the game again.
  • Update your browser

If none of the above work, you may need to contact the casino's customer support. For example, the game you are trying to play has a problem in the backend, and only the tech team may be able to solve it.

While you wait for the issue to be resolved, you can try playing another game of your interest. Additionally, you may not have to worry about your progress or the bet you have placed. More often than not, some games - especially slot games - will save your progress and allow you to start where you left off after a loading or freezing issue.

But, this may not be the case for all games, so it is best to check from the game's information tab before you begin playing.

Casino Games Won't Load - How To Fix

If your casino games won't load, you may be having connection troubles. In that case, you can try the following and see if it will solve your problem:

Troubleshoot your internet connection

  • Ensure that your device is connected to the internet and that your internet speed is just right. If you are connected via the LAN cable, check that it is fitted securely and that your router is on and active.
  • If you are connected wirelessly, and the router has an internet connection, try moving closer to it to have a better and more stable connection.

Restart your device

Sometimes, when your casino games won't load, the simplest thing to do is to restart your device. Yes, the cliche "switch it off and on again" actually works. However, if you have tried all of the above and the casino game still won't load, try loading another game to see if the problem doesn't lie with the casino.

If you are experiencing the same problem with other games, it is possible that the casino may be having server issues or is overloaded. The best thing to do in that scenario is to try again after a few minutes or contact the casino.

However, if you register with Wizard Slots casino, you won't have to worry about these things. Our servers are equipped to deal with a large capacity of players, so our customers don't have to deal with unloading games due to server problems.

Connection Issues In Live Casino Games

If you wish to have an uninterrupted play time when playing live casino games online, the best course of action is to ensure you have a stable internet connection. Otherwise, if your internet is spotty, you are likely to have a poor experience.

So, at the risk of sounding repetitive, always play live games with a stable internet connection. With some live games or casinos, a 3G or 4G internet connection may not be strong enough to keep you playing smoothly.

Casino Games Running Slow Or Lagging

If your casino games are loading, but they are running slow or lagging, you may be dealing with a connection problem, or it could be that your device is not supplying the game with enough resources to run smoothly.

These include memory space, meaning you may have too many programmes running at the same time, which can take up the space and bandwidth needed to run the game smoothly.  

So, to troubleshoot the problem, try closing other open tabs, browsers or programs and restart the game. 

Casino Games & Online Slots FAQ

What Happens When A Slot Machine Gets Reset?

If you reset a slot game during active play, you may or may not lose your progress. Some slot machines may save your progress if the game is interrupted abruptly, while some may have you start over. You could possibly get your bet refunded, or it may still be in the game, waiting for you to spin it. It all depends on the game or the provider.

If you had a winning combination when the machine suddenly reset, you might find your potential credits waiting for you when you access it again.

Can You Play Live Casino On A Mobile Or Tablet?

Yes, you can play live casino on a mobile or tablet. Almost all of our games at Wizard Slots, including live casino games, are optimised for access via mobile phones or tablets through HTLM5 software.

What To Do If You Can't Access Your Casino Account?

If you cannot access your account because you have forgotten your login details, you can simply click on the "Forgotten Password" button to receive a link to reset your password. However, if you can't access your account due to a block on your account, please get in touch with customer support.