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Gubbing Meaning: What Is Gubbing In Betting?

Gubbing Meaning: What Is Gubbing In Betting?

Gubbing, a term prevalent in the world of online betting, signifies the act of having your betting account limited or restricted by an online bookmaker. The concept of gubbing is a critical one to grasp, especially for those who engage in Matched Betting.

What Does Gubbing Mean In Betting?

In the betting sphere, when you hear the term 'gubbed', it implies that certain restrictions have been applied to your betting account by the bookmaker. The restrictions could range from stopping you from participating in promotions to limiting the amount you can stake on a bet. 

Typically, you're informed about the gubbing through an email from the bookmaker, though they won't explicitly use the term 'gubbing'.

What Is a Gubbed Account?

A gubbed account is an account that has been limited by an online bookmaker. This limitation could take several forms. Some users might be barred from all promotions, which could end their Matched Betting with that bookie, as Matched Betting relies heavily on promotional offers. 

Others might have their maximum stake limited, preventing them from placing bets over a certain amount.

Why Do People Get Gubbed?

People typically get gubbed for a few different reasons, but the most common reason is that they've only been placing bets using promotional offers. This is common among those who partake in Matched Betting, which uses promotional offers.

This is a red flag for bookmakers, as they do not make as much profit through promotional offers as they do in the course of normal betting. Also, if a player is solely using the promotional offers, it indicates to the bookmakers that the bettor might be trying to exploit the system. 

Can You Withdraw From a Gubbed Account?

Yes, despite the limitations placed on a Gubbed account, you're generally still able to withdraw any balance you have in your account. However, you may find that some bookmakers impose withdrawal restrictions or freeze your account, preventing you from withdrawing your funds. You're advised to check the terms and conditions of the bookmaker to understand their specific policies regarding gubbed accounts.

How Do You Not Get Gubbed By Bookies?

One way players avoid getting their accounts gubbed is placing 'mug' bets quite regularly with a bookmaker. These are normal risk bets with no guarantee of winning, placed on varying high-profile events. This makes your account appear like a regular punter's account, making it so it doesn't look like your account is solely playing using promotional offers.

In conclusion, while gubbing can be a significant hindrance to betting activities, it can be avoided. Gubbing is merely the bookmakers' way of ensuring that players aren't able to take advantage of them. Understanding the concept of gubbing and the reasons why it occurs is vital for anyone involved in online betting, especially those who engage in Matched Betting.

As always, please gamble responsibly