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How Many Poker Chips Per Person? (How Many To Start With)

If you want to play online poker, you probably know that you need to learn the game’s rules and terminology. But what comes next once you’ve perfected your gameplay and understood the different actions? Perhaps it’s learning how many poker chips each person requires at the start of the game.

Sure, it can be easier at a physical casino because the dealer might guide you, and you might observe other players. But where do you start if you’re playing at an online slots site? Read our Wizard Slots blog post below for a complete guide on how many poker chips per person players can start with.

How Many Poker Chips Does Each Person Start With?

The shortest and quickest answer is ‘it depends’. There’s no specific number because it varies depending on: the poker variant you play, how many players are in the game, the buy-in, the minimum bet amount, and more. 

However, you may get a rough idea of how many chips you could be starting with by considering and or understanding the following:

Come up with a plan

Engaging in an unplanned poker game is a way to set yourself up for failure. You need to know what poker variant you want to play online, how to play it, and how many opponents you may be playing against. It’s impossible to know how many chips you need without these specifics. That’s because if you know how many people will play, you can decide how many chips each person may require.

Specify the poker game

Do you want to engage in a cash game or a tournament? Tournaments usually require more chips because it’s likely that many players will join.

How much the players bet

Each player’s budget could differ, some higher or lower than yours. Therefore, everyone has their chip preferences. For example, some might want more purple chips, while others could opt for low-value blue chips.

Number of players

Knowing how many players will be in the game helps you determine the buy-in and rebuy. It also determines how many chips you’ll all require because you don’t want your chips running out mid-game.

You can consider several other factors according to your preferences and expertise.

How To Distribute Poker Chips

You’ve probably noticed that the chips come in different colours. For example, in ascending order, there are white/grey, red, blue, green, black, purple, yellow, pink, and orange. 

Traditionally, poker players regard this order as low to high. However, some assign different values to the chips according to their needs at the time.

Most players use the 4-3-2-1 rule when it comes to chip distribution. For example;

  • 40% of the chips are the lowest value
  • 30% for the next chip value
  • 20% for the 2nd highest chip
  • 10% for the highest-value chip

However, the rule can adjust depending on your preferences, e.g., 4-2-2-1-1 or 5-3-1-1. The key to chip distribution should be flexibility. If you’re still feeling uncertain, you could also consider the following;

  • Aim for a safe number, like 40 to 60 chips per person. However, ensure that the total chip value matches the buy-in.
  • Chip distribution shouldn’t pressure players to keep high-value chips or have too many low-value chips.
  • Even chip distribution promotes versatility. It should encourage players to be strategic. If they have too many high-value chips, they could potentially risk folding more often.
  • Note if the game allows rebuys. Rebuys can offer a chance to introduce other high-value chips.

The biggest factors determining chip distribution include the type of game you play and the number of players. That’s why the planning stage is one of the most crucial steps.


Nobody wants to start a poker game and run out of chips in the middle. That’s why knowing how many players are in the game is one of the questions you can ask before the game starts. For instance, some players prefer to play against one opponent, while others don’t mind playing against 5. Both these scenarios will require a different number of poker chips per person.

Ultimately, the poker variant and the number of players should be your guide if you want to know how many poker chips each person requires. At Wizard Slots you can find a wide range of poker variants, as well as other casino and slot games.