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Can You Tell If A Fruit Machine Is Going To Pay Out?

Can You Tell If A Fruit Machine Is Going To Pay Out

Since the creation of slot machines, players have looked for methods that may help them win. While most of these methods are just myths, some may have been applicable before the modernisation of slot machines. 

Today, predicting slot machines is near impossible; they use Random Number Generator (RNG) technology to produce random outcomes. 

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Today, we'll answer whether you can tell if a fruit machine will pay out or not and the methods some claim you can use for this. All slots are designed to pay out at some point, but can you predict when? Continue reading to find out! 

Can You Tell if a Fruit Machine is Going to Pay Out  

Before we discuss the various myths associated with fruit machine payouts, let's discuss if it's possible to predict when a fruit machine will pay out. Modern-day slot machines are almost impossible to predict, so technically, you can't tell if a fruit machine will pay out or not. However, a few myths seem to suggest otherwise. Let's take a look at them below:

Fruit Machine Hawking 

One of the most famous myths in the fruit machine world is that you can 'hawk' slot players and take advantage of the moments that count the most! It's a rather sneaky practice that relies on making the most of an opportunity created by other slot players. In this method, you watch people continuously as they play on fruit machines. When any player puts a lot of money into a slot and doesn't win, people believe a payout may be more likely than before.

So, a player following the practice of 'fruit machine hawking' will then jump in and play the slot to try and take advantage of this seemingly rare opportunity. You should know that hawking is a method that is frowned upon by slot enthusiasts worldwide. Fortunately, such a method cannot be used in online casinos. Therefore, you're safe from 'hawking' when playing slot games online at Wizard Slots. 

Fruit Machine Backing 

Heard a coin drop into what seems like the back of the machine into the overflow cash collector? Many believe this may indicate that the coin stack of the machine is full, and there may be a chance of this fruit machine offering a large jackpot soon. Taking advantage of this process is known as 'fruit machine backing'. 

This method does not hold water. Even back in the day, a full coin stack could just mean that the slot was about to get emptied by one of the casino engineers. These days, slots are modernised to ensure that you cannot utilise such methods. So rest assured, you can be sure that every player has a fair chance of winning at these fruit machines, and the payout could come at any time. However, that hasn't stopped players from trying to listen carefully when they put their coins into fruit machine slots! 

Fruit Machine FAQs 

How long before a fruit machine pays out again after a big win?

Fruit machines can pay out at any time. They're designed to pay out randomly, so you can't make an accurate prediction. The machine could pay out on the next spin or even after 500 spins or more. Each spin is an independent event; previous spins have no bearing on the result.

What do red reels mean on a fruit machine? 

When the reels turn red on fruit machine slots, this may mean a couple of things. First, depending on the specific machine, you may have triggered a special feature, or you may have triggered a top prize. 

What does it mean when a fruit machine wiggles? 

A 'wiggling' fruit machine is one of the myths surrounding fruit machine slots. This myth suggests that paying close attention to fruit machine slots can help you determine when they will potentially pay out. It suggests that fruit machine slots wiggle a few spins before they pay out. However, this has not been proven to be true.

Do fruit machines have to pay out when they're full? 

Fruit machines don't necessarily get 'full' and can pay out on any spin. That spin could be the next one or even a 100 spins from now. Even old-school slots didn't always pay out when they were full. Instead, a casino engineer would just come by and empty the coin stacks of the fruit machines. So there is no way to tell when a slot machine will pay out.

How much money can a fruit machine hold? 

This depends on the machine, but it has no bearing on the outcome. Modern fruit machines are designed to be random. They are set to pay out a certain percentage of the money that is put into them, usually at least 80%, but there's no telling when or how it will do this. It could pay out small amounts frequently, larger amounts less frequently, or moderate amounts regularly.