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Is Fantasy Football Gambling in the UK?

Is Fantasy Football Gambling in the UK?

If you’re an avid football fan, then you’ve probably heard about fantasy football. And if not, we’re going to be discussing it here today, so this is your chance to learn.

This Wizard Slots blog post is going to discuss what fantasy football is and whether it is classed as a form of gambling in the UK.

What Is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football is a game that lets you manage a fantasy team. You get to pick the squad comprising real-life players and have the power to switch the players every week. Plus, you can also compete with your friends. You earn points based on the real-life performance of the players. You can also lose points depending on how your defenders perform.

Players are normally part of a league with friends, co-workers or even random people in a large open-league format, and their scores are compared to determine their rankings.

Is Fantasy Football a Form of Gambling?

When most players think of forms of gambling, they perhaps imagine casino games, the lottery, sports betting and so on. However, organising a fantasy football league can require a pool betting licence, depending on how it is operated.

Note that there is no harm in engaging in a fantasy football league with your colleagues. The technicalities can come into effect if betting real money is involved.

If you’ve seen any ads recommending fantasy football leagues, chances are that they are being run as a business - i.e. that business is making money from hosting the fantasy football. Of course, any business doing so needs to have a gambling license from the appropriate authorities. 

Is Fantasy Sports Legal In The UK?

Fantasy sports is legal in the UK, although it is highly regulated like any other casino game if it is run as a business. Any league that is operated as a business (i.e. to make money) requires a pool betting licence. However, if the league is run privately and not in the course of a business, then no licence is required.