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Most Common Roulette Numbers - Best Numbers To Play?

Most Common Roulette Numbers - Best Numbers To Play?

Choosing roulette numbers is a personal choice. Some gamblers choose their lucky numbers or play the rumoured most common roulette numbers hoping for a win. 

However, Wizard Slots is here to tell you that all numbers have the same odds of landing in a game of roulette. 

What Are The Most Common Numbers In Roulette? 

The most common numbers, sometimes referred to as "hot" numbers, differ in each game of roulette. Hot numbers in roulette are numbers that appear more than in the short term.

Although roulette is random, sometimes certain numbers go "hot" and "cold" within a short timeframe. Hot numbers are numbers in roulette that appear the most over a certain number of spins of the roulette wheel or a certain time, for example, 24 hours. And cold numbers are the ones that show up the least frequently. Hot and cold numbers are just down to coincidence.

When choosing a bet, players often choose specific numbers that resonate with them personally, such as lucky numbers. So let's take a look at the most common numbers!

  • 17 - Many roulette players bet on 17 because it is the middle number. They perhaps believe it will hit at some point because it's in the middle. The number 17 is in the centre of the layout, so players are often drawn visually to this number.
  • 23 and 24 - The numbers 23 and 24 are often chosen because these numbers are in the middle of the roulette wheel, opposite the zero, and the eye naturally draws to this area.
  • 7 - 7, often known as "lucky 7", is also a popular and common number in roulette. This is because it's a common superstition that 7 is a lucky number.
  • 8 - Like the number 7, 8 is also considered a lucky number for many. It is considered lucky in Asian cultures, so it's a popular choice among roulette players.

Should You Bet On Common Numbers In Roulette?  

Choosing to bet on common numbers is purely a personal choice. It does not make a difference whether you bet on common numbers or numbers that people play the least, as roulette is a game of chance

Where the ball lands on the roulette wheel is completely random, and betting on "hot" or "cold" numbers does not affect your odds of winning either.

Playing Cold Numbers In Roulette - Is It A Good Idea? 

Cold numbers are numbers in roulette that haven't come up in a while. Whether you choose to play cold numbers, it doesn't make a difference since roulette is a game of chance. 

Some players believe that betting on cold numbers is a good idea as they think that these numbers will have a greater chance of coming up soon. However, this is not the case. Each number has the same chance of winning on every spin. All outcomes in roulette are based on chance, and past performance doesn't affect future results.

There are a few numbers which are unpopular with players and are rarely picked. This includes the number 13 and number 6, which are both believed to be unlucky for some people. Not many people choose to bet on 0's either, perhaps because on the roulette wheel, it looks detached from the other numbers since it's a different colour.

What Are The Best Numbers In Roulette? 

Every number in the roulette wheel has the exact same chance of winning with every spin. The house edge also remains the same. Choosing numbers in roulette is a personal preference; there's no need to worry about betting on certain numbers as it does not have an effect on your chances of winning. 

Remember, roulette is a game of chance, and there are no "best numbers" to play. Additionally, past spins do not influence the outcome of future spins.