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What Does NAP Mean In Betting?

What Does NAP Mean In Betting?

Some of the terms used in betting can indeed sound like an alien language to the uninitiated, with the term "NAP" often leaving many puzzled. However, for those in the know, a NAP is simply the best tip for the day in horse racing or greyhound racing. 

It is a term that denotes a tipster's highest level of confidence in a selection based on their evaluation of the event. The NAP is the tipster's recommended bet if you're only planning to place one wager for the day. 

NAP Betting Meaning Explained

The NAP bet is a tipster's most confident pick for the day, the horse they believe has the highest chance of coming out victorious. This is not a completely blind guess but an educated prediction made by individuals with an intimate knowledge of horse racing. NAP bets are usually given out daily, from Monday to Saturday, to members of betting clubs. 

As a bettor, when you see "NAP" next to a horse, it signifies that, according to someone's judgement, the horse is a good bet. However, bear in mind that not all NAPs win. These are merely suggested best bets of the day, and some tipsters may have a poor track record with their NAPs. Therefore, it's always advisable to check a tipster's record before diving headfirst into their NAP picks. 

Additionally, you may come across "NB" next to a tipster's selection. This stands for "Next Best", which is essentially their second strongest tip of the day. 

However, it is important to understand that NAPs are made using a combination of available information, but no matter how much information is at a tipster's disposal, there are too many uncontrollable variables that come into play on race day. So, it is still largely guesswork. 

Where Does The NAP Betting Term Come From

The term "NAP" traces its roots back to the 19th-century card game "Napoleon", or "Nap" for short. In this game, when a player believes they hold a winning hand, it's referred to as "Napoleon". The term was then adopted into the betting industry to describe a bet considered to be a probable winner. 

What Is "Betting Expert Nap of the Day"?

In the horse racing betting world, respected tipsters often provide their "NAP of the Day" - their top pick for the day's races. These NAPs are typically sourced from local papers or regional journalists – people who have their ears close to the ground and are in an excellent position to provide an informed view of the day's racing. 

These top picks take into account past success, current form, the trainers, and the style of the track they are running at, making them a reliable source of information. Essentially, a NAP of the Day is an informed NAP available for major events. 

It's worth noting that NAPs are well-researched tips provided by the industry's best minds. These professionals excel at interpreting statistics and predicting the potential impacts of current affairs, such as ongoing injuries. Hence, following a NAP can help improve accuracy when betting. However, as mentioned before, the events can still be unpredictable, so they're not cast-iron guarantees. 

In conclusion, a NAP is more than just a betting term; it's a knowledgeable prediction made by those closely connected to horse racing. However, it is, ultimately, still a guess. 

Please gamble responsibly. Do not bet money you aren't comfortable losing, and remember that winning is never guaranteed.