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Outright Meaning In Betting: To Win Outright & Outright Winner

Outright Meaning In Betting: To Win Outright & Outright Winner

In the world of sports betting, one term you're likely to come across is "outright." This term is used to describe a specific type of bet that differs from regular match bets. An outright bet is a wager on the overall outcome of a competition or league rather than on an individual match or event. In this Wizard Slots casino blog, we will dive into the details of outright betting, explaining its meaning, how it works, and why it's a popular choice among many bettors.

Outright Meaning In Betting Explained

Outright betting, also known as futures betting, is a bet on the long-term result of a sports tournament or league. The term "outright" comes from the comprehensive nature of this bet as it involves trying to predict the outright winner of the competition. Unlike match bets that are typically settled in a short time, outright bets can last for months, offering bettors a prolonged period of entertainment.

This type of betting is popular in a variety of sports that involve numerous competitors, including football, horse racing, tennis, and more. The odds offered in outright betting markets are usually higher than those in regular bets, making it a potentially lucrative betting option.

What Does It Mean To Win Outright In Betting?

Winning outright in betting means your chosen team or individual has triumphed over all other competitors in the entire tournament or league. For instance, if you place an outright bet on a team to win the Premier League, your bet will only win if that team finishes the season at the top of the league.

The distinguishing factor of outright betting is that it doesn't involve specific matches or events within the competition. Instead, it is solely focused on the final result. Therefore, an outright bet remains valid and open throughout the season.

How Do You Bet Outright?

Placing an outright bet can be relatively straightforward. First, you select the tournament or league you want to bet on. Then, you choose the team or individual you believe will win the entire competition. The bookmaker will provide odds for your selection based on various factors such as previous performance, player form, and more.

Once you've decided on your selection and stake amount, you place your bet. It's important to note that once placed, your stake is locked until the end of the competition. If your selection clinches the title, your bet is successful, and you'll be paid according to the odds you locked in when you placed your bet.

What Is The Outright Winner?

The outright winner is the team or individual that emerges victorious in the overall competition after all games or events are concluded. In football, for example, the outright winner of a league is the team that finishes the season with the most points. In tennis, it would be the player who triumphs in the final match of a tournament.

Choosing a potential outright winner requires a deep understanding of the sport, comprehensive research, and often a bit of luck. As the bet is based on the long-term outcome of the competition, various factors such as player injuries, team form, and unexpected results can significantly influence the final result.

Outright Winner Bet Example

To illustrate outright betting, let's take an example from football. Suppose you believe that Liverpool FC will win the English Premier League in the upcoming season. Before the season starts, you place an outright bet on Liverpool to win the league at odds of 4/1.

As the season progresses, your bet remains active irrespective of Liverpool's performance in individual matches. If Liverpool finishes the season at the top of the league, your bet wins, and your payout would be four times your original stake, plus your stake.

However, if Liverpool does not win the league, your bet loses. The key factor here is that the bet is focused on the final league position and not on any individual match outcomes.


Outright betting offers the chance to make a long-term prediction, engage with the entire season, and potentially reap substantial rewards. Understanding the concept of outright betting and how to approach it may enhance your betting experience. Remember to bet responsibly.