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What Is Courtsiding? The In-Play Tennis Betting Strategy

What Is Courtsiding? The In-Play Tennis Betting Strategy

The appeal of gambling is mainly rooted in the fact that it is an activity that is dependent on chance. And as is the fact for all chance-based activities, it carries risks, and it has no guaranteed strategy to help you win

However, this does little to stop people from coming up with various strategies to try to potentially maximise their chances of winning. One such strategy is courtsiding in in-play tennis

In this Wizard Slots post, we will explore what courtsiding is and how it works.

What Is Courtsiding?

Courtsiding, also known as courtside betting, is a betting strategy used primarily in tennis games but can also be applied to other games. It is an in-play betting strategy that involves placing bets while the game is in progress. 

Players would use the information they gather in real-time on a live game and place bets in order to try and gain an advantage before the information is made public in the odds by bookmakers.

There would be a person set to the live game, known as a courtsider, who relays information back to their betting partner or bookmaker after an event that changes the odds happens.

Because there can usually be a few seconds delay in relaying information to the TV, the bettor would most likely have an advantage because they would place the bet based on the event before the event is officially recorded.

That gives the bettor an advantage, and if they know what to look for, they could potentially increase their odds of winning.

How Does Courtsiding Work?

As mentioned above, a courtsider would go to the live event with the tools ready to help them quickly transmit information to their counterparts before it is aired on TV. 

This may involve going to a tennis match carrying a mobile phone or a laptop as means of communication with their team.

Or better yet, they would place bets with these devices as the changing events happen. The idea is to try and place these bets as fast as possible before the information makes its way to the bookmakers

In-Play Tennis Betting Strategy

The in-play tennis betting strategy is just another term used to describe courtsiding. Though it generally happens in tennis games, it can be used in other sports as well, and the idea is the same; attend the live match and place bets while the game is in play as opposed to before it starts.

However, like any other betting strategy, nothing can ever be guaranteed, and they tend to yield undesirable results. 

Does Courtsiding Still Work?

Though courtsiding may have been a potentially lucrative strategy back in the day, it is no longer reliable. Moreover, because bookmakers have become more advanced and sophisticated in their information transmission and game monitoring, it may be significantly more challenging for courtsiding to be successful.

Gambling, in its nature, can be risky and can potentially result in more losses than gains for bettors. Also, remember that the house always has an edge and that gambling and casino games are unpredictable.

It is best to approach any gambling activity with caution and always remember to gamble responsibly.