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Scratch Card Checker - Check Your Scratch Card Online

Scratch Card Checker - Check Your Scratch Card Online

Scratch cards are fun, instant win games where you can find out whether you have won right away - or can you? Sometimes, you may have trouble knowing whether you have truly won, or you may even be doubting yourself. 

This is why many people search for a scratch card checker, an easy way to know whether you have won or lost. 

But does this exist? Keep reading this Wizard Slots article to find out!

What Is A Scratch Card Checker? 

A scratch card checker is supposedly a way to check your scratch cards online. Players often search for a scratch card checker in the hopes of finding an app so that they can scan their scratch cards and instantly see whether they have won or lost.

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Can You Check Your Scratch Card Online? 

Unfortunately, no. No such online checker or app exists. The only people that have scratch card checking machines are the establishments that sold you the card. 

There is no way to check the results of a physical scratch card online.

So, if you want to check your scratch card, you will have to take it back to the place you bought it from and let the shop assistant check.

How To Tell If You've Won A Prize On A Scratch Card 

Nowadays, there are so many different kinds of scratchcards to play. They can have different themes, and some may use symbols/icons, whilst others may use cash values. Some may require you to match a certain number of symbols or values, whilst some might require a specific symbol or value to appear to win.

It can get quite confusing, and it may be difficult to tell whether you have won or not.

The first step to see if you've won is to double and triple-check. Read through the rules on the card, identify what is required to win, and compare your results against this.

You can also do this by contacting the maker of the scratch card, for example, The National Lottery, who will be able to check for you. Their website will outline the different ways to contact them.

Check Scratch Card In Store 

The simplest and most effective way to check your scratchcard (if you don't know how to or want to have it double-checked) is to take it to a shop with a lottery machine. 

Shops that sell scratchcards have a lottery machine that can check whether you have won. The machine checks this quickly and effectively. Doing this is the best way to check your scratch card if you are unsure whether you have won or lost.