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Play Expanding Reels Slots

One of the best things about slot games is that developers continuously innovate them to fit the times. The industry started with classic 3-reel fruit machines, but they have grown a lot since then. Today, you can play online slots, including all your favourite slots, as long as you have an active Wizard Slots casino account.

In addition, many come offering extras like the Expanding Reels mechanism. We’ll get into how Expanding Reels work and where you can play the best Expanding Reels slots online.

Best Slots With The Expanding Reels Feature

The following slot games are just a few examples of the many real money slot games available at WizardSlots.com that offer an Expanding Reels feature;

What Are Expanding Reels Slots?

Expanding Reels slots allow slot developers to offer a more dynamic game experience. The innovative feature can be a way for additional wins to be possible. You’ll mostly see Expanding Reels come about via the bonus feature, or after a winning combination. The regular reels might hide the Expanding Reels. For example, they might be faded or camouflaged by the reel background. 

Sometimes designers use bricks and stones in a pyramid or plants and trees. Sometimes, unlocking the reels can increase your potential to land bigger prizes, depending on the game.

How Do Expanding Reels Work?

The Expanding Reels feature can trigger randomly. It leads to a reel expansion; for example, a 5-reel and 4-row slot can turn into 5 reels and 6 rows. A separate reel might also come into play. Usually, with more reels comes the opportunity to form potential winning combinations with 5 or more symbols.

In addition, Expanding Reels can also offer different prizes like multipliers and free spins. They could even offer special symbols that lead to potential prizes. The reels can often expand either way, i.e., left, right, up, or down, leading to potentially hundreds to millions of ways to win.

Expanding Reels are a great way to kill the monotony of base game spins, so it can be quite entertaining playing an Expanding Reels slot online at Wizard Slots. 


Expanding Reels slots are a great place to start if you want to widen your slot games collection. They can open you up to a massive number of paylines and potential extras that make your slot games colourful. Visit Wizard Slots today and discover more online slots to play.

 *All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to these slot games are subject to change at any time.