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Splitting 8s Against 10 In Blackjack: Should You Do It?

Splitting 8s Against 10 In Blackjack: Should You Do It?

Blackjack is a casino game that incorporates strategy and skill. That means it’s usually best to know how to play the game optimally to try and minimise the house edge. The more knowledgeable you are about how to play Blackjack optimally, the more likely you are to potentially decrease the house edge, or maximise your possible winning opportunities. 

In this Wizard Slots blog post, we will discuss specifically splitting 8s against 10s in Blackjack. We will explain what it means to split 8s in Blackjack, if you should do it, and why. So, read on!

What Does Split Mean In Blackjack?

Before we can discuss the pros and cons of splitting 8s against 10s in Blackjack, we will first explain what splitting means. When a player is splitting cards in Blackjack, they are making a strategic move where if they're dealt two pairs of cards of the same rank, they divide them into two separate hands.

Then, players will be required to place a second bet equal to their initial bet because they now have two separate hands. Afterwards, the dealer will give the player two more additional cards to add to their two separate hands.

Essentially, when splitting in Blackjack, you give yourself a chance to turn a weak hand into a potentially stronger one. That then may possibly increase your chances of winning where you initially may have gone bust or lost. However, you are usually only allowed to split if your hands have the same value, For example, if you have a pair of 8s or a pair of 10s.

However, this rule may change depending on the casino, so it may be best to check.

Are You Supposed To Split 8s In Blackjack?

Splitting 8s in Blackjack has sparked some controversy amongst many blackjack enthusiasts. Some players believe that you should always split 8s in Blackjack regardless of what the dealer has, but others believe it's best to split only if the dealer has a low card.

So, are you supposed to split 8s in Blackjack or not? The answer may depend on the player. But we will give you some scenarios where splitting 8s in Blackjack is ideal, and some other scenarios where it is not. Then, you can decide the answer for yourself.

Splitting 8s Blackjack may give you a better chance of potentially winning than if you decided to stand or hit. Depending on the rules of the table or the casino, splitting 8s in Blackjack may give you a hard 16, which makes it less likely you will be able to take a card and finish with 21 or less. 

If you do split, you may end up with two hands with a higher potential of winning. However, in some cases, especially when a dealer has a higher hand, or a card of a higher value than you, splitting may not be a good idea. We will expand more on this later on in the article. 

The specific rules of the game will also be a determining factor as to whether or not you should split 8s, such as whether the dealer stands on a hard 17 or hits on soft 17.

In addition, splitting 8s will require you to add on to your initial bet, so you may want to look at your bankroll and see if doing so will not exceed it. So, to decide if you should split 8s in Blackjack, you should look at what the dealer’s up card is and consider the rules of the game as well as your bankroll (you risk losing two units of bets rather than one, but could also potentially increase your chance of winning with two units).

Essentially, only split the cards if doing so may improve your chances of winning, or minimise the chances of busting.

Why Split 8s vs. Dealer’s 10 In Blackjack?

The blackjack world is divided into two when it comes to this question. If a dealer has a 10 and you have 8s, it is best to automatically assume that they have a better hand than you and stand a better chance of winning than you do.

Therefore, some players believe that splitting 8s against a dealer’s 10 is essentially helping you lose two units of bet, instead of one. So some players may suggest that if you have a pair of 8s and the dealer has a 10, instead of splitting, surrender. That way, you may keep half of your bet instead of potentially losing it all.

However, there is another side to this, one that favours splitting your 8s against a dealer’s 10. Not splitting your 8s vs. a dealer’s 10 automatically puts you at a potential disadvantage compared to other strategies you can choose. If you have two pairs of 8s, you automatically have a hard 16, which is a terrible hand to have against a dealer’s 10 because it has very little, if any, chances of seeing you get a win.

However, if you split the 8s, you may potentially win the game, even though some players may argue that you may still be doomed. While splitting 8s vs a dealer’s 10 in Blackjack is not a guarantee of a win, it may potentially limit your chances of losing the bet.

Should You Split 8s vs 10 In Blackjack?

So, what is the verdict? Should you split 8s vs. 10 in Blackjack? The basic strategy suggests that you split. Splitting 8s against 10s in Blackjack, according to the strategy, potentially limits your chances of losses and may improve your hand.

If a dealer, or the person you're up against, has a 10 and you have a pair of 8s, there is a chance they may pull out a higher value card, which may then automatically make a bust and subsequently help you win.

It is important to note that while the objective of Blackjack is to try and get a hand equal to 21, or close enough to 21, to beat the dealer, not winning one hand usually does not make or break a blackjack game. Making decisions that may potentially minimise your losses is also an integral part of playing Blackjack optimally.

Therefore, you may decide to split, hit, stand or surrender, depending on how much you stand to lose or how likely you are to win. Making these decisions, even if they don't result in a complete win of the round, may still make you feel good about your strategy when playing Blackjack and may enhance your experience with the game.

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