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What Does Net Deposit & Lifetime Net Deposit Mean?

What Does Net Deposit & Lifetime Net Deposit Mean?

You’ll come across a few terms once you register a casino account at Wizard Slots. Your membership will require a minimum cash deposit upon registering in order to play casino games, as well as potential future deposits if your balance runs out but you wish to continue playing. This bankroll allows you to access online slots at our casino.

We’ll help you understand some of the terms you might encounter as you play. Examples include Net Deposit and Lifetime Net Deposit, which we’ll cover in our post below.

What Does Net Deposit Mean?

The Net Deposit statistic on your account refers to the difference between the total cash amount you have deposited and the total cash amount you have withdrawn from your account. Payment methods applicable include PayPal, debit cards, or credit cards.

The Net Deposits figure is calculated by subtracting the Total Withdrawals from the Total Deposits.

What Does Account Lifetime Net Deposit Mean?

Account Lifetime Net Deposit is another name for Net Deposit. Net Deposit refers to the difference between the amount of money deposited and the amount of money withdrawn.

Some online bookmakers may use Account Lifetime Net Deposit interchangeably with the Net Deposit term. This is because both have the same meaning.

Is A Minus Net Deposit Good?

A minus Net Deposit or Negative Net Deposit is a scenario where a player has withdrawn more than they’ve deposited

Conversely, Positive Net Deposits refer to when a player deposited more than they’ve withdrawn to a payment method - i.e. more money has gone into the account than out.

Some bookmakers only allow withdrawals to be made via the same payment method used for deposits; part of this is to make it easier to track an account’s Net Deposit.

What Is A Net Deposit Limit (NDL)?

Some bookmakers have a Net Deposit limit to help players limit their gambling. It acts kind of like a monthly budget calculated based on the value of your Net Deposits. Usually, making deposits reduces your budget, while withdrawals increase it.

Online casinos implementing this practice want to ensure their clients enjoy playing casino and slot games online. The goal is to create a fun environment while reminding players to bet responsibly. It’s merely a reminder to stay in control and within your budget.


Now that you have a clearer idea of what the terms Net Deposits and Lifetime Net Deposits mean, they should make sense when they appear whilst registering or using your online casino account. 

However, it’s still always a good idea to read through the Terms & Conditions to understand the requirements better before joining an online casino such as Wizard Slots.