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What Does Partial Cash Out Mean?

What does partial cash out mean?

In the sports betting and bookmakers industry, the concept of cashing out is growing rapidly and becoming popular. After all, who wouldn't like to have the chance to potentially reduce their losses if it looks like they may lose a bet? 

Cashing out allows you to minimise your losses and could potentially see you retain some profit. And out of the cash out feature came the partial cash-out option. 

In this Wizard Slots post, we will take a look at what partial cash out means, what happens if you make partial cash out, how to use it and whether or not it is worth it.

Partial Cash Out Meaning

A partial cash out is a type of feature available in sports betting sites or bookmakers that allows you to withdraw a portion of your wager and leave some of your stakes to continue participating in the game.

A partial payout differs from a total cash out because when you make a cash out, you are automatically excluded from proceeding with the game any further. However, a partial cash out allows you to leave a portion of the stake as an active bet. 

Whatever you win, if anything, will be determined by the odds of the game and the stake value available. 

Partial Cash Out Example

In order to be able to cash out, the site must first offer the option to you. Most sites offer a minimum of 10% for a particle cashout. 

For example, let's say there is a football match between Arsenal vs Chelsea. 

You bet £100 on Arsenal to win, and the odds are 3:1.

If your predictions are correct and Arsenal does win, your payout would be £300 (£100 x 3). Throughout the first half of the match, Arsenal scores and is in the lead. Things are 

promising, so the bookmaker offers you a partial payout starting at 10% of your bet.

You decide to take out 50% (£50) and leave half of the bet, thus allowing yourself to remain in the game. That way, if Chelsea loses, you still have a chance to win £150 (£50 x 3) on your bet. Therefore, in the event that Arsenal wins, you will have won £200, which is the £150 and the partial cash out of £50 you made.

However, if Arsenal loses and Chelsea wins, you will lose only the £50 remaining and still keep the other £50. Please note that this is just an example of the principle and not reflective of how your partial cash out bet would work. Your potential partial cash out value will depend on your chosen bookmaker's odds or sports betting facility and the current win/ lose probability of play.

What Happens If You Partially Cash Out?

Partially cashing out allows you to mitigate your potential losses and get to keep some of your bet money while still participating in the game. Unlike a standard cash out, a partial cash out does not take you out of the game.

It potentially minimises the amount of money you may lose in a bet. For example, if you make a £50 bet and do not have the option to cash out, partially or otherwise, if that bet loses, you will forfeit the whole £50. 

However, if you have the option of a partial cash out, you only lose a portion of the bet instead of the full amount. 

Is Partial Cash Out Worth It?

The answer to this depends on what you are looking for. Because while a partial cash out can help minimise the amount of money you may lose in case of a loss, it also means you may win less than what you would have won had you not taken a partial cash out. 

So, if you are okay with losing a little bit in order to secure some form of win, then a partial cash out may be the option for you. Additionally, some bookmakers may deduct a certain percentage from your bet if you opt to cash out.

However, if you would rather lose it all than win a little bit, then you might consider not taking partial cash out. The choice is yours.

How Do You Use Partial Cash Out?

The betting site of your choice should have a partial cash out guide or a button that lets you use this feature effectively. But, how this option typically works is that you receive a notification or a prompt to cash out your bet.

You can simply click on it, and if the site has a partial cash out option, you then click on it and select the amount you wish to cash out. Typically, the amounts would start from a minimum of 10% of your bet, while some may have lower percentages.


In summary, a partial cash out allows you to keep a certain percentage of your bet while the rest is still in the game. However, how much is available for you to cash out will depend on the bookmaker or sports betting site, how much your stake was, and the current odds of the game.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins, etc.) mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.