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What Does Stake Mean In Betting?

What Does Stake Mean In Betting?

A stake is the amount of money you wish to put up when placing a bet. It doesn't matter what you are betting on or how much; in betting, you can always refer to it as a stake. 

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What Does Stake Mean? 

Stake in betting is another term used to describe the amount of money placed on a bet. So, whether you're betting on a horse in The Grand National, which football team will win the World Cup or playing slot games, the first decision you will make is the size of your stake.

There may be minimum or maximum bet limits, but the size of your stake is up to you. However, a winning bet is never guaranteed. That's part of the fun of betting; it's completely unpredictable. One rule you should always follow when choosing your stake is to play responsibly and only to bet what you can afford to lose.

Stake Example

Let's imagine you want to bet on England winning the FIFA World Cup, and you decide to stake £10 on this outcome. 

If you win the bet, your stake will be returned along with the winnings. Let's imagine the odds of your bet winning are 30/1; this means your £10 bet would generate £300. 

So, if England won, you would receive £300 in winnings and get to keep your £10 stake.

What Does Total Stake Mean? 

Total stake refers to the total amount you wish to place on a bet. 

Once the outcome of the event has been determined, you will receive back your total stake plus any winnings if you win your bet. If you lose your bet, you lose your original stake. 

What's The Difference Between Bet & Stake? 

In betting, there is no difference between bet and stake. The terms bet, stake and wager all mean the same thing. It's the amount of money you wish to place on a certain outcome occurring.