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What Happens If You Win The Lottery Online?

Camelot launched the UK National Lottery in 1994. Many players have become millionaires through the platform over the years. Of course, this leads to more and more people entering in hopes of winning big.

Every lottery player has considered what would happen if they won the lottery online. So how will you know your lottery ticket has won? Let's find out in the Wizard Slots article below.

How Are You Notified If You Win The Lottery Online?

Previously, everyone would purchase their lottery tickets and then tune in to see which numbers the host would draw on television. However, systems have since changed, you can still buy paper tickets and watch the draw online, but now players can also buy tickets online. Unfortunately, some players who choose this option forget to check back if the winners have been announced.

So, how do you know if you win? First, you'll receive an email notifying you that you've won. A phone number will also be indicated, i.e., the Camelot contact. They'll also state that there are only 180 days to claim your prize. However, Camelot will need to verify your identity before you do.

How To Claim If You Win The Lottery?

The process of claiming your prize if you win the lottery starts when you call Camelot via the phone number they provided. Camelot will confirm that the email they sent is legitimate.

Note that you must contact them within 180 days of the draw to claim your prize. You can check their website to read more if you want any extra guidelines on claiming your prize. You'll see if you can claim your prize in person or otherwise.

Can You Claim Lottery Winnings Anonymously?

Fortunately, you can choose whether to remain anonymous or make your win public after winning. Each could pose its advantages. For example:

If you stay anonymous, it lessens public scrutiny from relatives, co-workers, and strangers. Some past winners have been harassed by strangers constantly calling and writing to them to figure out how they won. These strangers believe winners could have 'hacked the system' to win. But, of course, the lottery is based on chance.

Staying anonymous protects you from temptations to spend. Announcing your win publicly might attract all sorts of vendors selling you cars, houses, and other lavish items. In addition, long-lost friends or distant relatives could flood your messages to benefit from a share of your winnings.

However, there are some pros to going public too. For instance, you can inspire more players not to give up hope of winning and prove that people do win. In addition, it could add more clarity for participants who want to know how much the prize was worth.

How Do Lottery Winners Get Paid?

Lottery winners can get paid in two ways; in small annual payments or as a lump sum. You can choose the method you prefer.

If you choose the lump sum, you'll receive your winnings immediately. In addition, you can start investing the cash taking advantage of compound interest possibilities.

However, if you want to receive your winnings in small annual payments, i.e., a lottery annuity, it might save you from Sudden Wealth Syndrome.

Sudden Wealth Syndrome is a collective name for psychological issues associated with a random influx of wealth.

Do You Have To Pay Tax On Lottery Winnings In The UK?

Gambling in the UK is tax-free. So, if you win the lottery, your winnings are tax-free, too, because playing the lottery is a form of gambling. However, your winnings may become eligible for taxation after you start profiting from the funds. For example, if you invest the money. In addition, your lottery money can also be subject to taxes if you give a portion of the wins as a gift.

Check out some of the taxes you might pay after your winnings start making money below.

Income tax

If you deposit your money in a savings account, you can qualify for income tax on the interest earned. Different categories demand a certain level of tax. For example:

An income of £12,570 qualifies for 0% tax.  

Anywhere from £12,571 to £50,270 qualifies for 20% tax.

Anywhere from £50,271 to £150,000 qualifies for 40% tax.

Earnings over £150,000 qualify for 45% tax.

So, let's say you won a jackpot worth millions and earned interest. You are likely to pay a 45% tax on any interest every year. 

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax counts for any investments in assets. If you buy an asset and then sell it, you become eligible for tax on any profit made.

The Capital Gains Tax is 10% or 20%. So let's imagine that your winnings are earning you large profits every year; you could end up paying a 20% Capital Gains Tax if you sell these investments.

Dividend Tax

If you buy shares in companies, you own a portion of these companies. These companies can make large profits every year and can then pay dividends to their shareholders. The taxes can range from 8.75%, 33.75%, or 39.35%, depending on your income.

How Long Does It Take To Get Paid Lottery Winnings?

How long it takes to get your lottery winnings depends on a few things. While it takes 180 days to claim your prize, your funds might take 24 hours to 5 days, depending on the jackpot amount. For example, it may take 24 hours for your withdrawal request to be approved for debit/credit cards or eWallets. In addition, it might take 3 to 5 days for the funds to reflect in your account if you prefer a bank transfer.

Typically, once the claim has been validated and all checks completed, the money is transferred within two working days.

What If The Winner Doesn't Come Forward?

Sometimes a player could misplace their lottery ticket but end up winning. They might not know to check the National Lottery website to confirm their status. It happens more often than you'd think.

If you forget to claim your winnings within 180 days of the draw date, any prize money or interest earned goes to charity projects across the UK. It would help if you took a picture of your lottery ticket immediately after buying it for safekeeping. Also, consider regularly checking the UK National Lottery website to see if Camelot has announced any winners.

They remove the jackpot details if you don't claim your prize within 180 days, meaning your lottery ticket will expire.


Winning the lottery online is much like winning it with a paper ticket, only you don't risk losing it. You choose your numbers and pay online, and this information is stored in your account on the site and sent to you in a confirmation email. If you win, you will receive an email providing a Camelot number for you to contact to begin the verification process.