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Which Online Slots Payout The Most?

Which online slots pay out the most

With all the different online slots available today, it can be difficult to decide on one to play. Varying in theme and features, and with new slots being released every day, players really are spoiled for choice. 

But one thing nearly all slot players want to know the answer to is: which online slots payout the most?

In this blog post, we will be discussing what slot payout percentages are, discuss some of the real money slots online with the highest payout percentages, as well as answer some common questions surrounding this topic.

Slot Payout Percentages Explained

A slot’s payout percentage is also known as its Return To Player (RTP) rate. The RTP is the theoretical percentage of the money taken in by a slot that will be paid back out to players. 

Although this is the proportion of the money taken in by a slot that it will pay back out to players, there’s no telling if players will receive any of this money nor how much they will receive. 

For example, a slot with a RTP rate of 96.5% will theoretically pay out £96.50 for every £100 it takes in over a long period of time. However, this does not mean that if you pay £100 into a slot, you will win £96.50 back. The slot is paying out £96.50 on average for every £100 it takes in across all players playing that slot, so individual players may not see returns that reflect the RTP rate.

Developers calculate the RTP rate of a slot prior to its release by running a simulation of millions (or even billions) of spins and analysing the slot’s average payout percentage of this large sample. 

The industry average RTP rate for online slots is 96%. Anything above this is considered high, and anything below this is considered low. 

So, the RTP of a slot could be a good indicator as to how well the slot could pay out against the money it takes in, but there are no guarantees as to how or when it will pay out.

What Are The Best Payout Online Slots?

This question can be interpreted 2 ways. The first is the slots with the highest maximum possible win, thereby providing an opportunity for the best single payouts. The second is the slots with the highest RTP rates, paying out the most on average over a long period of time.

In this section, we will consider a handful of slots under each of the above categories, beginning with slots with the highest maximum potential win.

  • Peking Luck: This 3-reel and 25-payline slot from Pragmatic Play is themed around Chinese opera and features a Free Spins feature and multipliers. However, the most impressive aspect is the maximum win of up to 180,000x your bet.
  • Rome: The Golden Age: This one comes from slot developing giant NetEnt, set in ancient Rome around the famous gladiators. With the potential for the reels to be filled with wild symbols, and a Free Spins feature with increasing multipliers, this slot has an incredible maximum win of up to 100,000x your wager available.
  • Buffalo King: Another one from Pragmatic Play, this slot is played on 4,096 paylines and features wild multipliers during the Free Spins feature. In this slot, there’s the chance to win up to 93,750x your stake.

Now onto slots with some of the highest RTP values:

  • Blood Suckers: This NetEnt slot is based around slaying vampires and played on a standard 5x3 grid. It’s a low volatility slot, which makes sense given its very high RTP value of 98%.
  • Big Bad Wolf: This is a 5-reel and 25-payline slot from developer Quickspin. It has bonus features such as Swooping Reels, the Pigs Turn Wild feature, and a Free Spins feature. Not to mention an impressive RTP of 97.34%.
  • Zeus Lightning Power Reels: Released by Red Tiger Gaming and featuring a maximum available win of up to 4,500x your stake, this slot has a RTP value of 97.73%.

There you have it, above are two lists of some of the best payout slots available. The first list is composed of slots offering some of the best single payouts, whilst the second is made up of slots offering some of the best rates of payout in the long term.

The best news is that all of the slots mentioned above are available to play here on Wizard Slots.

Online Slots Payout FAQs

What Percentage Do Slots Payout?

This varies from slot to slot; each has its own RTP value. This is the percentage of money taken in by the slot that could be paid back to players. 

The industry average for online slots is a RTP rate of 96%. 

Do High RTP Slots Have Better Payouts?

A higher RTP slot means it can pay out a higher proportion of the money it takes in than a lower RTP slot. However, the money it pays out is random. So, a slot with a 97% RTP will average out to pay out £97 for every £100 it takes in, but there’s no saying which players will receive this money, nor how much they will receive. 

Taking RTP along with a slots volatility gives a better indication as to how a slot may payout. A slot’s volatility describes the slot’s theoretical behaviour in relation to potential win frequency and size.

Do Progressive Slots Pay More Than Normal Ones?

Progressive slots are ones that take a small portion of every bet placed and add it to a jackpot prize that may span multiple slots. Usually, these slots have a lower RTP rate than others due to the jackpot prize available typically being much larger.

Therefore, this depends on how you look at it. Progressive jackpot slots typically have lower payout percentages than other slots, but they have the potential to pay out more if the jackpot is won.

Can You Win The Jackpot From A Minimum Bet?

This depends on the slot. But in most cases, yes, you can win the jackpot from a minimum bet. On most slot games, if there is a jackpot prize available, it is accessible regardless of your bet size

However, some progressive jackpot slots will stipulate that you will only be in with a chance to win the jackpot if you bet the maximum amount available. Always read through the slots paytable and game rules before playing to find this information for that specific slot.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to these slot games are subject to change at any time.