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Why Do Online Casinos Ask For ID?

Why Do Online Casinos Ask For ID?

To ensure safe and legal gambling for players, online casinos must ask everyone who joins for ID. But is this a requirement? In this blog post, we’ll be discussing all the reasons why online casinos ask for ID. We’ll go through what forms of ID are accepted and how long the verification process takes.

Why Do Online Casinos Ask For ID? 

If you want to play online casino games in the UK, you must register with an online casino. If you join an online casino, you register using various details, including personal details (your first and last name) and contact details (email address and mobile number). 

You also need to include your date of birth and agree to the casino’s terms and conditions. You also need to provide the UK online casino with your address and pick a username and password. Once you have done this, you must wait for your account to be verified.

To verify your account, you must provide the online casino with proof of ID and proof of address. Some accepted documents may include passports, driving licenses and household bills. Simply upload your documents to the site, and once verified, you can make a deposit, play real money slot games and withdraw winnings if any occur.

Why Online Casinos Require ID 

There are many reasons why an online casino requires ID. Here are the main reasons:

To Make Sure Players Are of Legal Age 

One of the main reasons why an online casino asks for ID is to ensure players are of legal age. In the UK, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to gamble in a casino. Online casinos also need to comply with this so they don’t get in trouble with the law. 

By asking to see a player’s ID, online casinos can be confident that they are running things legally. You can prove your age by providing the casino with a driving licence or birth certificate.

To Prevent Fraud 

Another reason an online casino asks for ID is to prevent fraud. By providing the online casino with various forms of ID, you are confirming that you are who you say you are. 

Protect Players From Irresponsible Gambling 

Online casinos are required to comply with the regulations around responsible gambling. By asking for ID, casinos are preventing underage gambling and protecting vulnerable gamblers. 

Measures are also put in place against criminal activities and to have a secure environment. 

Stop Bonus Abuse 

There are some players who try to create multiple accounts with an online casino, hoping to take advantage of the same or different bonus offers time and time again. Doing ID checks can stop bonus abuse. As a player needs to provide an ID to the casino, it raises a red flag with the casino if they have seen the ID before on a different account.

What Are Acceptable Forms of ID For Casinos? 

There are many different forms of ID that can be accepted in online casinos. The main acceptable forms of ID include:

  • Full Driving Licence
  • Passport
  • National Identification Card
  • Utility statements from banks
  • Phone bills
  • Council bills
  • Banking statements

How Long Does It Take For a Casino To Verify ID? 

How long it takes for an online casino to verify ID depends on the casino you register with. Each casino is slightly different. However, most online casinos take roughly the same amount of time.

Typically, ID verification can take up to a few days. If you look on the casino website, you can find this information quickly. To update your ID, you should see the option to upload documents on your account pages.

Can Online Casinos Ask For Bank Statements? 

There are a few instances where an online casino may ask to see a bank statement. Some things that could prompt the online casino to ask for a bank statement include a player making a big deposit or if suspicious account activity has been detected. This is all done to protect the player and the casino.

Is It Safe To Send Your ID To An Online Casino? 

Yes, it is safe to send your ID to an online casino. Online casinos have many measures in place to secure data and keep players safe. A photo ID is needed to protect the casino and its players from fraudulent deposits and checkouts. All of the information you provide to an online casino is stored securely.