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Who Are The World's Best Blackjack Players?

There are many people who play blackjack professionally - yes, it's a job for some people! But who are the best blackjack players? 

In this blog post, we'll be sharing the stories of the world's best blackjack players. We'll also be sharing what makes a good blackjack player.

Bryce Carlson 

If you play blackjack, you have probably heard the name Bruce Carlson come up in conversation. Bryce Carlson is one of the top professional blackjack players in the world. He is known for using complex blackjack strategies to beat the dealer again and again.

Carlson has had a long career of over 40 years playing blackjack. Over the years, Carlson has met some of the most prolific blackjack players in the world. His success could partly be due to the tips he received from top blackjack players, including Ken Uston and Stanford Wong.

Having so much expert knowledge and advice could be a reason for his success. He claims his best technique is camouflage counting. This is a strategy where you know when to win and which hands to sacrifice. Carlson still plays blackjack online at slot sites, but under a pseudonym to avoid attention!

Arnold Snyder 

Another one of the world's best blackjack players is Arnold Snyder. He is known for being successful in his blackjack career, as well as advocating for the rights of professional gamblers.

Snyder describes himself as the "Bishop of the Church of Blackjack" as he is also an ordained minister. He has made blackjack his career over the majority of his adult life. As well as playing the game professionally, Snyder is the author of blackjack strategy guides and runs an infamous quarterly blackjack journal.

Edward O'Thorpe 

Edward O'Thorpe is a mathematician, blackjack pro, author, and researcher. He is known in the blackjack world as "the father of counting". His methods caused a stir in some of Las Vegas's largest casinos.

O'Thorpe is the inventor of the modern card-counting system that blackjack professionals use. His technique is believed to have made huge profits for professional blackjack players. 

Before O'Thorpe came up with his technique, the strategy for blackjack was very basic, and most players didn't know about blackjack strategy.

Russ Hamilton 

As well as being one of the best poker players, Russ Hamilton is one of the world's best blackjack players. By the age of 36, Hamilton was happy with his success in professional poker and planned to retire and enjoy his winnings in Las Vegas.

However, his life took a different turn when he joined a blackjack tournament team! The team included many top professional blackjack players, including Stanford Wong, Fred David, and Anthony Curtis. He travelled the world and had lots of success.

Things then took another different turn! His success and unusual skill level got him banned from tournaments. Hamilton then had no choice but to turn back to poker. Around a decade later, he was asked to play in the World Series of Blackjack. The World Series of Blackjack was televised, which sparked an idea in Hamilton's mind. He then went on to create The Ultimate Blackjack Tour, an exciting gambling show.

Don Johnson 

Don Johnson is one of the best blackjack players in the world. Many of the best blackjack players used card counting to win, but not Johnson. Johnson used a technique that required growing the first team's bankroll in a short period.

Don Johnson is a very successful blackjack player and even claims to have won as much as $15 million playing blackjack in 5 months from Atlantic City's casinos. 

What Makes a Good Blackjack Player? 

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Here are some of the attributes that make a good blackjack player:

  • You see the bigger picture of the game: Even if you win in the beginning, this does not mean you will win in the long term. Being able to see the overall picture when playing blackjack is the mark of a good player.
  • Experience: If you are new to blackjack, you're not likely to be a pro right away. Practice, practice and practice again. Try out the different variations of blackjack, too, to see what you enjoy most.
  • Bankroll management: A good blackjack player is good at managing their money. Before you play, think about the amount that you could afford to lose. Don't play beyond your means, and don't chase losses.
  • Remain focused: Blackjack is a very fast-paced game with lots of quick decision-making. Therefore, it is essential to be focused. 
  • Learn how to handle distractions: This one may take a bit of practice. When playing blackjack at the casino, you are met with many distractions, from rowdy crowds and players to the busy sounds of the casino. Learn how to handle these distractions and keep your focus.