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Ocean Fortune

Dive deep beneath the ocean and try your hand at this underwater 5 reel slot on line game. What seperates this from any other deep-sea online slot I hear you ask? Once you begin this game you will be captured by the buxom mermaids and taken in by the bonuses and rewards on offer.

Ocean Fortune online slots game logo

About the Developer

Red Tiger Gaming is relatively new to the software game focusing on pay by phone casino, nevertheless this has not hindered their
wealth of experience it has already gathered in the short amount of time it has existed. Founded in
2014, Red Tiger Gaming are some of the brightest minds in the industry, offering experiences that
are second only to the next game they continue to release. It is so easy to disregard companies
based on age. But keep in mind it’s not the size of the dog in the fight it’t the fight in the dog, and in
this case it’s the fight in the ember tinted tiger.

About the Game

How long can you hold your breath? Hopefully it will be long enough to brave to depths that some
men can only dream of reaching. The treasures that lie beneath can be bright and gold, but only
exist if you are brave enough to take a plunge into the unknown. In Red Tiger Gamings Oceans
Fortune you are granted a chance at creating yourself quite the adventure. The abyss is deep and
dark but if you are brave enough you can find gold in even the noir-est part of the darkness.

Oceans Fortune game reel

Oceans Fortune is a rather basic online slot, what it lacks in innovation it certainly makes up for in
style. The reels are surrounded by a large coral reef with 2 large mermaid statues guarding each
side of the screen. Although we are underwater, the sun still finds a way to pierce through the briny,
shedding light on an otherwise colourful slot. You may customise a series of settings in this game
that can make for a different experience each time you play. It’s the re-playability that makes it one
of those games that can be played whenever you want to and get a different experience each time.

Oceans Fortune is a 5x20 slot that is rather basic to look at. All symbols represent something inline
with underwater creatures and themes. The cash prizes available in Ocean Fortune are
determined through the symbol matched and just how many are included in the winning line. The
more you match the higher the score. Pretty basic really. Oceans Fortune also features an autoplay
mode which can be used to set a specific amount of games and set wagers to play off in the
background while the player can go about their everyday business. On-top of the basic symbols
Oceans Fortune has all the boxes ticked in terms of what makes up a pretty standard slot; wilds,
scatters and free spins all play their part.

The Verdict

It is of significant fact that there are parts of the ocean that still to this day are left unexplored.
There are bound to be treasures beneath the deep, this is true, it also true that Oceans Fortune
has a lot of riches spread across a very wealthy seabed. Whether you uncover these treasures is
dependent on just how adventurous you truly are. Have what it takes? Then what are you waiting
for….. 9/10

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