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Scratch The Codfather

If you like fresh cod and the Godfather movies then this is the perfect game for you. The Codfather Scratch game is an underwater card turner played in the confines of the family compound. Gain the trust of the suited and booted gangster fish family and they will cut you a share of the protection money or some free spins.

About the Developer

After 20 years in the industry NextGen gaming have certainly cemented themselves as the front-runners of a competitive online gaming industry. With reputable titles to their name, such as The Codfather, Prosperity Spin, and Xing Guardian there’s no denying that they understand what it takes to develop a game that players keep coming back to. Integrity, honesty, and quality is at the heart of NextGen’s ethos and this is visible in their company promise and their illustrious list of games that circulate throughout gaming platforms everyday

Scratch: The Codfather gameplay


About the Game

You’ll certainly want to be swimming with the fishes by the time you finish playing this scratchcard. Some of you may be aware of some of The Codfather. The slippery anthropomorphic cod man who is just as elusive and ominous on land as he is under the sea. First we had the Italians, then the boys from Chicago, we now face a new threat. The fish. The fish are a fearsome shoal, after making their name at the bottom of the ocean, they’ve decided to venture into new escapades and take their chances on the land.

There’s quite a few references to a certain film by Francis Ford Coppola throughout this slot game, but I don’t think he’ll mind. Codfather scratch is the latest instillation of the deep-sea series from NextGen in which you must scratch away the surface of the gameboard to reveal a fishy surprise that can be swapped for some delicious financial rewards.

As you scratch away the tiles of this game you’ll become aware of the beady eyes that are latched onto you. You mustn’t be alarmed as this is the Codfathers way of assessing who his next victim to receive the cement feet treatment will be. Play your cards right and you’ll be welcomed into his family and treated as one of their own. Check out the pin stripes on this little amphibious critter when you take a trip down to the family compound. 

You know a game’s made it into the upper echelons of slot status when it has its very own scratch card game. Join the gangster fish on the ocean floor and scratch away 9 panels of Codfather themed goodness. Match any 3 symbols across the game board and you will earn yourself a prize. Whether this prize is financial or not remains uncertain, all that’s for sure is you’ll certainly be a made man once you’ve accumulated a few wins with the Codfather. Be aware that minimum bets on this game are 20 pence rising to a maximum of £200. This sparse betting range allows you to truly enter the big time underworld of fish collusion.

Scratchcards are popular because of their simplicity, there’s no skill to them. The more money you stake on each game the more chance of winning larger cash prizes. There’s also a convenient paytable to the side of the gameboard that allows you to calculate your winnings from the list of gangster combinations that have been outlined.

This wouldn’t be an online scratchcard without the opportunity to knock up some free spins. Match 3 Codfather Logos and you will be rewarded with 5 free spins. In addition, any winnings you accumulate during the lucrative free spins round will be doubled. What's not to love?


The Verdict

The success of this game is solidified in the title. There’s not many gamers who are going to pass up the opportunity to play a scratchcard based around the exploits of a gangster fish. The Godfather movie series is synonymous with many and on the back of the success of the initial Codfather slot game there were no doubts about the fate of this one. Nevertheless, NextGen have maintained a high-quality for a scratchcard which is ultimately complemented by a simplistic and friendly aesthetic. 9/10.