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Happy Mushroom

Down in the garden, where the toadstools grow, there’s a little mushroom just waiting to make friends. Encounter a world of fairies and ladybirds and connect the dots to achieve lovely rewards in this authentic undergrowth 5 reel online slot experience at your favourite online casino site.

 Happy Mushroom online slot game logo

About the Developer

Brisbane Australia’s own signature game developer Eyecon is known not only for its deep rooted
passion for creating unforgettable online experiences, but also ways in which to also push
themselves forward within an industry that has thousands upon thousands of titles, and stand out here at Wizard Slots online casino.

Happy Mushroom gameplay

About the Game

Mushrooms are like marmite to some people, some love it and some hate it but if there is one thing
they can all agree on is just how darn happy they look. This is even more clearer when you play
Eyecon’s Happy Mushroom online slot. What makes this game unique is a mixture of theme and
gameplay with a very nice player return value set at 95.06 per spin! Very good odds indeed. The
art style of Happy Mushrooms is there to illicit a response, what that response is depends on what
you find funny and what you find annoying. The mushrooms are quite cute to look at but can put off
those who just want to play a straight forward slot. In other words no grumpy gits.

Thanks to the look of this game you will find symbols that take the shape of something a little
offbeat. In most games the letters of certain symbols are of a certain styles, here the symbols are
all an eclectic mix of carrots worms and other garden related symbols. The other symbols are
probably even more fun. The owl symbol will move about even when the game is inactive (he will
also hoot when 3/2 or more are on screen), the mushroom has an unusually wide smile on its face,
the ladybird looks like it is waving and the basket containing even more wacked out colours. Most
players favourite will probably be the little white bunny holding a carrot, though there’s also a
wooden barrel that just screams for attention. Then finally there is a rather beautiful pink rose
which rotates throughout the game.

Music plays a big part in Happy Mushroom, which gets increasingly brighter every time you win.
The background continues to keep with the fantasy tone with windmills and rather majestic trees
lighting the path to riches. Players can play for as little as 1p which can be adjusted to any number
up until 25 depending on the player. Keep your eyes open for the funky mushroom, this little guy is
the games scatter. If you get 3 scattered mushrooms within the 5 reels, you will earn a special
bonus! What that bonus is depends entirely on the amount of symbols you are matching on the
right reels, the more you play the higher the chances, remember that. Happy Mushroom: a great
game with a great theme that is sure to waist a good afternoon.

The Verdict

Happy Mushrooms is a game that doesn't take itself too seriously which is a nice touch as it allows
for a few laughs along the way. If you enjoy straight forward slots with an impressive theme then
play Happy Mushroom! You won’t regret it, trust us. 8/10

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