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Are Lucky Dips Fixed or Less Likely To Win?

Are Lucky Dips Fixed or Less Likely To Win?

If you are familiar with the lottery, you may have heard of Lucky Dips; you may have even played them yourself, or know someone who has. Some people may believe you are less likely to win the lottery if you play the Lucky Dips or vice versa.

But are Lucky Dips fixed or less likely to win? In this Wizards Slots blog, we're going to uncover the truth behind Lucky Dips. We will explain whether or not they're fixed, discuss if anyone has won the lottery playing with Lucky Dips, and explain how Lucky Dip numbers are generated.

Has Anyone Won The Lottery With a Lucky Dip?

Before we can dive into whether or not anyone has won the lottery with a Lucky Dip, we will first explain exactly what a Lucky Dip is. A Lucky Dip is a type of lottery ticket where the numbers are generated at random by a computer instead of you picking them manually.

However, they do not guarantee a win. They are not fixed and are just as random and as likely to win as any number, the same as the ones you pick yourself. The Lucky Dip is only a convenient way of helping players who do not want to have to choose the numbers they want to play themselves.

There is a recorded number of people who have won the lottery with a Lucky Dip. For example, Frances and Patrick Connolly, a couple from Moira, Northern Ireland, won £114.9 million in the EuroMillions draw from a Lucky Dip ticket.  

Other players include Ade Goodchild, who won £71 million in the EuroMillions in March 2019, and David and Donna Hendry, who won £4 million in the Lotto HotPicks in January 2018.

Are Lucky Dips Less Likely To Win?

No, Lucky Dips are not less likely to win or more likely to win compared to other lottery types. The lottery is entirely random, and the numbers are picked at random using an air compressor. Therefore, it is not possible for anyone to know what the winning numbers are going to be, including the random system that is used to pick up Lucky Dip numbers. 

For the outcomes to be predictable, the system would need to have a pattern, but as we know, the game picks up random numbers using an air machine, so any ball with any number can be picked up at any time. 

The chances of winning the lottery using Lucky Dip numbers are the same as the chances of winning the lottery by picking out your own numbers. That is to say, you have the same 1 in 45,057,474 chance of winning the lottery when using a Lucky Dip ticket as you do with other lottery tickets.

Unfortunately, using a Lucky Dip does not change your chances of winning the lottery. However, they may appeal to some people because they believe they have a higher chance of winning than self-picked tickets, while some people may use them because they are less time-consuming and more convenient than choosing their numbers.

Whatever the reason may be, keep in mind that Lucky Dip tickets do not alter the results in any shape or form.

Are Lucky Dips Truly Random?

Yes, a Lucky Dip is truly random. The machines that generate Lucky Dip numbers use Random Number Generator (RNG) software, ensuring that each number is truly random and independent. 

The RNG software uses complex mathematical systems and algorithms that run through a million numbers, ensuring that each number has an equal chance as any to be picked. That way, there are no numbers that are picked with bias, and your selected Lucky Dip numbers are then entirely random.

Another factor that makes Lucky Dips truly random is the way that the lottery balls are drawn. The air compression machine that chooses the balls drawn during the lottery ensures that the results are completely random. Therefore, each player has an equal opportunity to win the lottery, whether they used a Lucky Dip ticket or a ticket they filled up manually. 

How Are Lucky Dip Lottery Numbers Generated?

As mentioned above, the Lucky Dip lottery numbers are generated at random using computers. These computers are built-in with RNG software, making random number picking possible and removing any bias and unfairness.

Typically, when people choose the lottery numbers, they will choose numbers that are personal to them, whether a birthday of a loved one or numbers they consider their lucky numbers, as well as other important dates in their lives. 

Some people may have a system of choosing numbers where they may pick odd numbers or randomly point at a number without looking at it and decide to pick it. Sometimes, it can be numbers they believe they have been seeing around a lot. The Lucky Dip lottery ticket removes all that bias and ensures that the numbers are entirely random by using the RNG software.

Last Word

If you want to play the lottery but do not want to sit through the process of choosing the numbers or having to think of numbers you believe might have a better chance of winning, you could simply go with a Lucky Dip lottery ticket.

The Lucky Dip ticket will choose numbers at random for you and generate a ticket for you, eliminating the process of having to choose numbers manually. But if you would rather choose the numbers yourself because you believe you're more likely to win that way, you also have the option to do so.

However, it is important to note that the numbers you choose yourself and the numbers on the Lucky Dip ticket have the same chance of winning. One method does not have an advantage over the other. They cost the same price, and the odds of winning or losing will always be the same.

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