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Lucky Dip vs Own Numbers: What's Best For Winning The Lottery?

One of the most common myths about winning the lottery is that choosing your numbers increases your odds. The classic theory started in gambling circles and made it to online casino blogs.

We'll explore this myth in depth in this Wizard Slots blog post. 

Has Anyone Ever Won The Lottery With A Lucky Dip?

You can pick your lottery numbers in two ways: do a lucky dip or select your numbers. Players who prefer to choose their lottery numbers pick numbers that are meaningful to them. These could be birthdays, dates with special meanings, and so on.

Those that go for the lucky dip option save time thinking of numbers to draw. Instead, all the numbers are randomly selected for you.

At the time of writing, nearly half of all lottery winners played the lucky dip option.

Are You More Likely To Win The Lottery With A Lucky Dip?

It doesn't matter whether you choose your own numbers or opt to go for a lucky dip; you cannot change your odds because every outcome is always random.

The odds are unaffected regardless of how you select your numbers.

One of the main motivations behind choosing the lucky dip is that you may have less of a chance of sharing any potential wins. The reasoning behind this is that most people choose numbers based on dates that are important to them, so players choosing numbers below 31 may have a higher chance of sharing the prize with other lottery winners

Advantages Of Using A Lucky Dip

There are a few benefits of using a lucky dip in a lottery. Let's look at a few below.

Removes decision making

Players may choose their numbers, be frustrated that they didn't win and blame themselves for choosing the wrong numbers. Of course, it's not their fault. The odds are the same regardless of the numbers chosen.

Therefore, some players opt to use a lucky dip to remove any decision-making - their numbers are random, and the lotto results are random, so there's no misplaced blame.

Numbers are more spread

Choosing your superstitious numbers could limit you. A random selection of numbers means a more even spread. For example, most people often choose meaningful dates as their numbers. Therefore, they pick numbers below 31, and they may disregard the higher numbers. This exposes them to the risk of potentially sharing the pot with many players.

Choosing important numbers is a common strategy, so doing this may result in a higher chance of sharing the pot with others if you win.

However, numbers in the lucky dip are chosen randomly. They don't have any pattern.

Is It Better To Play Your Own Numbers?

There's no advantage of playing your numbers vs opting for the lucky dip. Randomness occurs in both events.

So, choosing your numbers should be a preference and not because you think it will increase your odds. There are a few benefits of playing your own numbers though.

For example, some players enjoy being able to choose the numbers they play; they feel a sense of control. Putting thought behind the numbers makes the process more intentional and memorable. Some players love coming up with numbers and seeing if they bring any outcome. 

However, it's important to note that it doesn't affect the odds at all. The odds of winning are the same regardless of the numbers you choose.

What Numbers Are Most Likely To Win The Lottery?

The lottery is random, so we can't tell what numbers will win. Some might try to trick you into believing that there are lottery numbers that have a higher chance of being drawn. However, they're always random. Any apparent pattern is down to coincidence and nothing more.


Neither playing the lucky dip nor choosing your numbers increases your odds of winning the lottery. The lottery is always random, so you cannot use any strategies to change the outcome. 

So, whether you prefer to choose your own numbers to play or would rather take a random assortment of numbers, your chances of winning are the same.