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The Most Popular Lottery Numbers - Should You Avoid Them?

The Most Popular Lottery Numbers - Should You Avoid Them?

Lottery players can often be some of the most superstitious gamblers. Perhaps one of their most prevailing beliefs is that lotto numbers are not random, and some may be “luckier” than others. Of course, this is not actually true and has never been proven.

The lottery is random and cannot be predicted. But still, you may find many lottery players carefully selecting certain numbers while avoiding others. But, why is that? Are there numbers you should try to avoid when playing the lotto? Keep reading this Wizard Slots blog post to find out!

What Are The Most Drawn Lottery Numbers?

We have established that the winning lottery numbers are completely random, thanks to the Random Number Generator (RNG) - a software that ensures that every single number or symbol that comes out in gambling games is completely random and unpredictable, ensuring fairness for all players.

However, with this in mind, there are some numbers that have been drawn more frequently than others. But this does not necessarily mean these are “lucky” numbers. It is just a matter of chance.  

According to UK Lotto Statistics, the following numbers are a few of the numbers that have been drawn frequently from 2015 until the present:

  • 52 = drawn 101 times
  • 58 = drawn 98 times
  • 37 = drawn 92 times
  • 27 and 36 = drawn 90 times
  • 46 = drawn 86 times
  • 45 and 46 = drawn 85 times
  • 38 = drawn 83 times

Remember, this does not mean that if you bet on these numbers, you will have a winning ticket. They are just a collection of some of the numbers that have been drawn frequently over the years. It does not matter what number you pick; your chances of winning or losing remain the same because the lotto draw always produces random results.

What Are The Most Popular Lottery Numbers?

The most popular lottery numbers differ from country to country. But for the UK, evidence shows that the numbers people often bet on are typically 50, 30, 3, 7, 13 and 8.

The number 7 may be popular worldwide because it can sometimes be believed to be a “lucky” number, and we can almost find it everywhere in our societies. For example, think of the 7 wonders of the world. In Christianity and other religions, this number signifies completeness and divinity, and in gambling, the number 7 or 777 is considered “lucky” and supposedly has the potential to bring prosperity.

Another reason the numbers above may be popular is that people tend to view their birthdays or the birthdays of their loved ones as “lucky” days that are meant to bring them prosperity, so they bet with numbers such as 31, 30 or lower.

Basically, many lottery players tend to choose numbers that mean something to them, be it a belief that it is a “lucky” number, so that is why these numbers may be chosen more frequently.

Should You Avoid The Most Popular Lottery Numbers?

Well, the answer to this is neither yes nor no. The choice lies with you. You could choose to use the most popular lottery numbers or just pick numbers at random. Or pick the numbers that are used less. It is all up to you.

That is because the popularity or lack of the numbers has no bearing on what the machine will draw. Again, all the lottery results are random and cannot be predicted or influenced by personal or collective beliefs.

The numbers that will be drawn by the lottery machine are not predetermined. However, if you do pick popular numbers and they show up, you may have a higher chance of having to split or share your potential wins. So, some people may avoid picking the most popular numbers because of this reason. 

What Are The Best Lottery Numbers To Pick?

Unlike other gambling games such as roulette, poker, or blackjack, the lottery does not have a betting strategy; therefore, it cannot pick the best lottery numbers. It is purely a game of chance with no strategy involved. 

That means any number that you are allowed to pick (between 1 and 59) can be the best lottery number if it is drawn during the draw night.

You may choose to do what the masses are doing and select birthday numbers or “lucky” numbers, or you can choose any number at random. It won’t change the outcome of the game in any way, shape or form. And if you win, congratulations! But keep in mind that the win is purely chance based and not because you played any so-called “lucky” numbers.