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What Is The Best Denomination Slot Machine To Play?

What Is The Best Denomination Slot Machine To Play?

Almost everyone knows what slots are. That’s how popular they’ve gotten since the invention of the first slot in 1894. Since then, these slots have made their way to both land-based and, as of late, online casinos. Yet, one question remains: What is the best denomination slot machine to play?

This topic has been on our list for a while, given that few people understand denominations in slots. Several denomination slot machines exist in both land-based and online casinos, and most players tend to ignore information related to denominations because they tend not to understand it. Today, we’ll look at denominations in slots in more detail so that you may understand them better the next time you play different denomination slots. 

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Slot Machine Denominations Explained 

Some of you will have heard the term ‘denomination’ before. Typically, it’s a financial term that refers to the amount of money a banknote or coin represents. So, when you change money, and the cashier asks if you want your notes in ones, fives, twenties, etc., they ask you what denomination you want your money to be in. 

In slots, denomination refers to the coin value. The idea of having a certain denomination goes back to when one-armed bandits would only accept a certain coin. To play, you would most likely have to get change. For example, in penny slots, 1p coins are accepted, and for bigger-denomination slots, 5p, 10p, 20p, £1 etc., might work best. 

So, when you want to place a bet in online casinos, you must first transfer money from your digital bank account to the casino to play. The credits you get in return for your money can be used as different denominations. For example, if you deposit £50 into your online casino account, it can be used to play games with a denomination value of 25p, £1, £5, or so on, depending on which casino game you decide to play. In addition, these credits can help you play a greater range of slots that can accommodate both large and small wager amounts.

One final thing to know is that your total wagering amount is the coin’s value multiplied by the number of paylines you want to bet on. You can also select the ‘Max Bet’ button on some online slot games. Selecting the maximum bet would mean betting on all possible paylines wagered at the highest number of coins and or denomination per line. So, betting maximum would mean betting at the highest coin denomination possible, per spin, on a particular casino slot game.

What Does Changing the Denomination on a Slot Machine Do? 

Changing the denomination on a slot machine can have 2 potential impacts.

First, the potential payouts are usually different amounts, depending on the denomination of the slot machine, the pay table and game rules. 

Secondly, certain aspects of the slot may change at varying denominations. According to the denomination you play, these aspects may be tweaked to balance the game according to the potential payouts and denomination amount.

For example, a particular penny slot machine may only offer 1 bonus feature. However, a slot machine with a higher denomination amount may offer 5 different bonus features.

What Denomination Slot Machine Pays Best? 

So, which denomination slot machine pays best? Well, it’s difficult to tell as all slot games are random. So, it ultimately comes down to personal preference to decide which slot game may be the best to play.

Many players feel that betting on high denomination slots is the best; while some may prefer betting on lower denomination slot machines. This could be because of the denomination, features, theme, game rules, paylines, maximum potential win amount, Return to Player (RTP) percentage or volatility.

Higher denomination slots have grown more popular over time. There’s also the general belief that these slots may pay more. Check the slot’s pay table and game rules to find out the potential payout amounts, as even penny slots may offer a potential high maximum win amount.

Simply put, any denomination slot machine can provide great potential payouts; you need to check the pay table. Playing the lower denomination slots may be your best option if you have a lower budget. However, if your budget is high, you could also aim for the higher denomination slots; it just comes down to personal preference.

Do Higher Denomination Slots Pay Better? 

Now time for the big question - do higher denomination slots pay better, or is this just a myth? Higher denomination slots usually have a higher fixed Max Bet value when compared to other slots. Hence, these higher denomination slots can potentially offer more significant maximum potential win amounts, but this might not always be the case, as other factors such as volatility, RTP etc., will need to be taken into account.

For example, let’s say you decide to place a small wager amount per line on a particular slot game, and you end up landing a line of the top-paying symbols, which awards you up to 1,000 credits. If you placed a higher bet per line, this win could have been worth 10,000 credits.

So, to conclude, higher denomination slots may get you potentially bigger payouts if you manage to land a winning combination. However, all slots are different so be sure to check out the game rules and pay table before playing.