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Can You Bet On Every Number In Roulette? Whole Table Strategy

Can You Bet On Every Number In Roulette? Whole Table Strategy

Roulette is one of, if not the most, popular casino table games that is available in land-based and online casinos. It features a range of betting options, from betting on single numbers to covering nearly half of the wheel in a single bet. 

All of these options have also led to a range of roulette strategies being developed. One of these strategies is one where players can bet on all numbers - the Whole Table strategy.

However, is it practical, and is it the best betting strategy? In this blog post, we will discuss the whole table strategy, looking at whether or not you can bet on every number in roulette. We'll also explore betting on all numbers in quantum roulette and why the every number strategy fails.

Can You Place a Bet On Every Number In Roulette?

Yes, you can place a bet on every number in roulette. You can place straight bets (single-number bets) on all the numbers or place multiple bets that cover the whole table, such as red bets, black bets, all dozens and all columns

There is no rule preventing you from placing bets that cover every number in roulette.

Can You Bet On Every Number In Quantum Roulette?

Yes, it is possible to bet on every number in Quantum Roulette. Quantum roulette is a live roulette game offered by Playtech. It features random multipliers of up to 500x your stake to random straight numbers. 

It is modelled after European roulette, so it features a single zero. This live roulette game is slightly different from regular European roulette besides the random multipliers. It also awards a 29:1 for a straight-up winning bet instead of the typical 35:1.

However, if you bet on a straight number and it ends up being assigned a multiplier if it wins, you will receive the 29:1 payout and have the assigned multiplier applied to the payout, increasing it further. That may sound like a good enough reason to bet on every number to increase your chances of winning and getting the multiplier. But, if you bet on every number, you may lose more than you win.

Why The Every Number Strategy Fails

The idea behind the Every Number strategy is to guarantee a win on every single spin by covering every single number possible. However, this strategy may not be the best or produce the results you are looking for because the house always wins in the end. 

However, this is not a fool proof strategy or even a practical one because the different bets in roulette offer different payouts.

So, if you cover all numbers by placing 37 or 38 single-number bets, you are guaranteed to win one of the bets since you have covered every number on the wheel. However, you can only win one of them, and a straight bet awards a payout of 35:1 in most variations of roulette, which would not cover the loss incurred by betting on all of the other numbers as well. 

Even if you use a mix of inside and outside bets to cover all of the numbers, the different payouts still intervene. Let's say you bet on red and black and place a straight bet on the green zero pocket. The red and black bets only pay out at 1:1 if they win, so if either of them win, you lose money on the other two bets, and the winnings are insufficient to cover this.

In this example, you could only make a profit if the ball lands on the zero pocket, awarding a 35:1 payout. However, this relies on you landing one of the 37 pockets, in which case you may as well only bet on this and not bother placing the bets on red and black. Hence, the major flaw of this system.

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