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Can You Bet on Anything At The Bookies?

Can You Bet on Anything At The Bookies?

Bookmakers have been a stronghold behind sports betting, affording punters the opportunity to place bets on their favourite sports games and also play various other casino games. They allow players the opportunity to bet on sports they would have otherwise not had from some casinos.

Many punters walk into bookies for various reasons, but they are almost always related to sports betting, although there have been some strange and non-sports-related bets. So, if you are wondering if you can bet on “anything” at the bookies, the short answer is no. Bookies have selected sports events punters can bet on, typically fixed odds on outcomes of said events. 

To learn more about bookies betting, continue reading this Wizard Slots blog post. We will explore what types of bets punters can make at the bookies, if they can bet on anything and discuss some of the weirdest bets some bookies have allowed. 

Can You Bet on Anything At The Bookies?

Technically, you cannot bet on anything at the bookies. However, there is a wide range of things you can bet on, but there are strict categories they have to fall under, such as being legal, publicly accessible and can be verified.

For example, you cannot bet on the death of several people from a particular plane due to a crash. However, you may be able to bet on odd but interesting events, such as animal migration patterns, or what will happen in TV shows.

Most players choose to stick with the usual: horse racing, football, tennis, F1 races, etc. Others may bet on amateur sports like the Olympics or non-mainstream sports like chess or greyhound betting.

While bookmakers are not obligated to offer every kind of bet players may want to make, they allow their punters to request bet types they do not yet offer through the Bet Request feature.

Is There a Website Where You Can Bet On Anything?

The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no. It depends on what you mean by anything. If you mean anything not sports-related but legal, verifiable and public, like politics and movie plots, then yes. You can find some websites that allow bets on various subjects and topics outside of sports as long as they are not immoral, illegal, unethical or not verifiable.

These betting categories may be known as events betting or prediction markets, which include betting on events like political elections, entertainment, celebrity news, and sports news, such as the sale or purchase of players or firing coaches.

Others may allow you to bet on stock markets, public opinion, economic trends, etc. The bottom line is what you bet on has to be legal and not compromising in any shape or form, including being unethical and immoral.  

Can You Bet On Something Not To Happen?

Yes, you can bet on something not to happen. This type of betting is known as Exchange Betting or lay betting. For example, an overwhelming majority of people may bet on a particular horse to win a race based on its previous performances. You can decide to bet on the horse not to win instead of win. If the horse loses, you win your bet and receive a payout. But if it wins, you lose your bet.

Most bookies have predetermined odds for lay betting, also known as Lay odds, potentially making it easier for punters to place their bets and know what to expect should their bet win. But if your preferred bookie does not have a Lay bet on the event you want to bet on, they may have the option for you to request it.

Lay betting may be perfect for instances where you are unsure which event will happen, but think you have a good idea of which will not happen. For example, in a UEFA Champions League, you may not know which team will get past the qualifying stages or win the league altogether, but you may have a pretty good idea which team will not. So, the Lay bet would allow you to bet on that team not to win the league.

What Are Some of The Weirdest Things You Can Bet On?

While you cannot bet on everything via the bookies, there is a list of some bizarre and weird things you can bet on legally. However, remember that these weird and bizarre events probably have very low chances of paying out because they are unlikely to happen.

Below are some of the weirdest things you can bet on. We will look at current weird bets and also past bets that have been since taken down:

  1. Moon is made of cheese: Believe it or not, this bizarre bet has been offered at some UK bookies where people placed bets on whether the moon is made of cheese.
  1. Trump changing his hair colour: There have been bets that former US president and business mogul Trump will dye his hair red, white and blue. There have also been bets about him surgically enhancing his hands.
  1. When will the world come to an end? If you are also gripped by the topic of our world coming to an end soon, you can place a bet on when the big event will occur. But don’t expect to receive any payout on it should your prediction be true since you’ll most likely not be here to receive the payout!
  1. The existence of aliens: Aliens are fascinating, even more so that there has never been proof of their existence. But, you can bet they exist and wait patiently for one to make itself known and win your bet.
  1. Kim Jong-Un challenging Trump to a golf game: The North Korea Supreme Leader is another interesting topic among some bettors, with many believing he will one day go against Trump in a golf game as both subjects are golf fanatics.
  1. Wife carrying: Wife carrying, where a man carries a woman through a 253-metre obstacle course, is a real game in Ireland that many punters can bet on. 
  1. The Royal Family: You have a weird thing you want to bet on about the Royal Family? Chances are, a bookmaker somewhere has the odds for it. Weird bets made on the British monarchy include when Prince Harry will divorce Meghan or how much a Royal newborn will weigh.
  1. Celebrity love lives: People have placed weird bets on celebrity love lives, guessing who a particular celebrity will date next or when they will divorce. 

Last Word

Bookmakers are ripe with many sports events and news betting, including novelty or weird bets. You can bet on events to happen or not to happen, and sometimes, you can make the most bizarre bets, as long as they are legal.

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