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Can You Trust Electronic Blackjack?

Can You Trust Electronic Blackjack?

As the digital age sweeps across the globe, so too does the expansion of online gambling. One game that has seen a surge in popularity is electronic blackjack. But with the rise of online casinos, a question lingers in the minds of many players: can you trust electronic blackjack?

The short answer is, yes. Reputable online casinos, such as Wizard Slots casino, operate under strict regulations and are regularly audited to ensure fair play. However, this doesn't mean that all online casinos are trustworthy. It's crucial for players to do their research and select a reliable platform.

Is Electronic Blackjack Random?

In the world of online gambling, the concept of randomness is paramount. In electronic blackjack, this randomness is achieved through a computational mechanism known as a Random Number Generator (RNG).

An RNG is a device designed to generate a sequence of numbers or symbols that cannot be reasonably predicted better than by random chance. This ensures that each game of blackjack is random and fair, preventing players from potential cheating or card counting.

Live online blackjack games do not use an RNG, but they still uphold fairness. These games use actual dealers, and the cards are dealt in real-time, captured on camera. This transparency leaves no room for manipulation, assuring players that the game is not rigged.

Why Casinos Don't Need To Rig Electronic Blackjack

The notion that online casinos rig their games to try and increase their profit margins is a common misconception. In reality, reputable online casinos don't need to rig their games – they already have an inherent advantage known as the "house edge".

The house edge ensures that in the long term, the casino will almost always profit. This built-in advantage cannot be altered by the online casino, guaranteeing that the games are fair. For blackjack, the house edge can potentially be as low as 0.5%.

Furthermore, casinos can face severe penalties for rigging their games. Regulators such as the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) can issue hefty fines and can potentially revoke licences if casinos are found to be operating unfairly.

Can You Win at Electronic Blackjack?

While the house edge ensures the casino will most likely profit in the long term, this doesn't mean players can't win. With the right strategy and a bit of chance, players can indeed come out on top in electronic blackjack.

However, winning consistently typically requires a good understanding of the game's rules and strategies. For instance, knowing when to hit, when to stand, and when to double down can significantly improve your odds.

Remember, though, that while strategy can boost your chances, blackjack is ultimately a game of chance. So while it's possible to win, it's equally possible to lose. Always gamble responsibly.

Is Electronic Blackjack Better?

Whether electronic blackjack is better than its traditional counterpart depends largely on individual preferences.

Playing blackjack online can offer several possible advantages. For starters, you can play from your own home. This flexibility may be particularly beneficial for those with busy schedules who can't always visit a physical casino.

Additionally, online blackjack is often faster-paced than its offline version, as you don't have to wait for other players to make their decisions. 

However, some may argue that nothing beats the atmosphere of a physical casino. The social element, the tactile experience of handling cards, and the fun of playing face-to-face with a dealer are aspects that online blackjack can't fully replicate.

Can You Count Cards On Electronic Blackjack?

Card counting is a strategy often associated with blackjack. However, when it comes to electronic blackjack, card counting is virtually impossible.

As previously mentioned, online blackjack games utilise Random Number Generators. These software algorithms ensure that the cards are shuffled and dealt randomly in each game. This can prevent players from predicting which cards will be dealt next, making card counting ineffective.

Play Electronic Blackjack Online at Wizard Slots

For those interested in trying out electronic blackjack, a renowned platform to consider is Wizard Slots. This online casino offers a wide range of blackjack and casino games.

Wizard Slots is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, ensuring a safe and fair gaming environment for players. So, whether you're a seasoned player or a curious beginner, you can trust Wizard Slots for a quality electronic blackjack experience.


In conclusion, while there are legitimate concerns about the fairness of online casinos, rest assured that electronic blackjack, when played on a reputable platform, is safe, fair, and random. The key is to choose a trustworthy online casino, understand the game rules and strategies, and always gamble responsibly.

Remember, whether you're playing online or offline, the goal of gambling should be to have fun. Happy gaming!

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to these games are subject to change at any time. Game features mentioned may not be available in some jurisdictions.