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Do Casinos Pump Oxygen To Keep You Awake?

Do Casinos Pump Oxygen To Keep You Awake?

If you're part of any casino gaming circles, you'll encounter a few casino myths soon enough. One of the most popular is about casinos pumping oxygen to keep players awake. This tactic supposedly keeps players awake longer so they can continue playing.

However, anyone who knows how casinos operate would argue differently. We'll explore whether there's any truth behind the oxygen myth in our article below.

Do Casinos Pump Oxygen To Keep You Playing?

Casinos do not pump oxygen to keep you playing. Unfortunately, this is one of the most popular Vegas myths. We're not sure where the theory began or how it spread, but some believe Mario Puzo is to blame.

The late author behind The Godfather series stated that pumping pure oxygen through the casino vents would keep gamblers awake in his 1978 novel titled Fools Die. Decades later and the conspiracy has spread worldwide.

There are several reasons why casinos don't pump oxygen. A few include:

Fire Hazard

Oxygen is flammable. So, pumping oxygen into a room makes the room more flammable. This would be a dangerous tactic to use in a casino full of electrical equipment. The results can be a fire or an explosion.

Such circumstances would also violate any insurance policies the casinos have in place.

Operational Costs

Pumping oxygen into casino vents sounds easy, but the operational costs are impractical. It would be expensive to constantly pump oxygen into the room, especially with the size of casinos.

For most casinos, this would be an extra expense that could ultimately drain their income. There are many other methods to try to keep players awake that don't cost as much, which would make far more sense to implement.

Why Do You Not Get Tired In Casinos?

Any punter who's been in a casino before agrees that there's usually a lot happening. It's no accident that you might not get tired in casinos. On the contrary, some casinos work hard to keep you from feeling tired. A few ways include:

No Clocks

Most brick and mortar casinos don't have any clocks to avoid letting players keep track of how much time they've spent on the premises. So, it's not difficult to lose track of time unless you bring a watch with you. 

The idea is that when engaging in any activity, your perception of time isn't as accurate since you're focused. So, having no clocks plays into this.

Strive For Entertainment

In the casino, the lights never dim, and there is always stimulation. The mild music is always on a loop, light effects may constantly be going, and the wait staff is always energetic.

All of the sensory stimulation keeps players alert and awake.

No Windows

A quick study of the casino interior lets you realise there is no window in sight. Windows mean players can gauge the time of day. Alongside clocks, windows would be the next best way for players to have some measure of the passage of time. So, it's no wonder most casinos avoid them.

What Is The Smell Pumped Into Casinos?

Scenting experts claim that smell can unlock a memory. If you smell a certain scent, you can't help but relive the memories associated with that particular aroma. So, casinos use this tactic to run their establishments as well.

For example, scenting strategists would recommend citrus aromas if the casino wants its customers to feel refreshed as they play. Likewise, woodsy scents can be soothing and relaxing, while herb aromas like peppermint create an invigorating feeling.

Of course, some gamblers can't help but feel nervous and anxious as they play. So, scents like geranium would be preferred as it alleviates nervousness and anxiety.

Another option would be to add scents that create the illusion of cleanliness. For example, players are likely to spend time in certain areas of the casinos, such as at a slot machine or at a table game, that appears clean.


Casinos certainly don't pump oxygen to keep you awake. Instead, they may use an array of scents depending on the goal they want to achieve. For example, some casinos might want to calm anxiety or make the casino feel cleaner.

Pumping oxygen poses more dangers than benefits for the players and the establishment. In addition, they have many more practical and cost-effective methods of trying to keep players awake, so they don't need to.