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Do Online Casinos Track Your IP Address?

It is very common for some websites to track your IP address, but what about online casinos

Like most websites, online casinos can track the IP address of every player. In this blog post, we'll discuss why it is important for online slot sites to track your IP address and if it is possible to avoid online casinos from tracking you.

Do Online Casinos Track Your IP Address? 

Most online casinos track a player's IP address. You can usually find out if a casino track's IP addresses by reading through their privacy policy.

Whenever you visit any website, including online casino sites, your IP address is open for them. An IP address is a unique combination of characters that identifies every computer used to communicate over a network.

In the UK, it is a legal requirement for online casinos to track and store the IP addresses of all players. This is a requirement so that online casinos can be confident that the people playing casino games on their site are from the UK only. 

The primary reason for online casinos tracking your IP address is for security and protection. If an online casino detects something suspicious through a player's IP address, such as players from a restricted location making an account, or someone opening multiple accounts, this will raise concern. If caught, the player's account could be closed down.

Ultimately, online casinos track your IP address for security reasons. Having a secure and protected website can enhance a player's experience. Knowing an online casino site is safe also has the potential to make your gaming experience better.

Can I Play Casino With a VPN?  

Technically yes, you could play real money slot games in a casino with a VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN works by routing your internet connection via a private service rather than a regular one.

Even though you could use a VPN in an online casino, it doesn't mean you should. Using a VPN service can go against the terms and conditions of most online casinos. Most online casinos require knowing all players' physical location as it is a rule set by the UK Gambling Commission.

If you do decide to use a VPN, it is at your own risk. If an online casino sees that a player uses a VPN, this could cause issues and potentially result in their account getting banned. Therefore, it is not usually recommended to use a VPN as your account can be shut down, and your potential funds can be confiscated.

Do Online Casinos Share Information With Each Other? 

If you are a member of a casino and a member of another casino that is part of the same network, it is possible that they may share information with each other.

Online casinos that are part of the same network often share information. Information that could be shared includes players, location, known cheats, and other information that may be important for the casino to know. This information is solely shared for security reasons and to enhance players' experiences.

Does a Casino Knowing Your IP Address Affect Your Winnings? 

No, a casino knowing your IP address does not affect your potential winnings. Casinos cannot control if a player wins or how much they may win, and they can't stop you from winning either. The only thing that controls outcomes is the Random Number Generator (RNG) that is used in slots. The RNG generates thousands of unique number sequences per millisecond, so the outcomes are random and fair.

Online casinos are tracking players' IP addresses purely for security and protection. If something shows up where it looks like someone is cheating, this could be flagged and investigated further. 

How To Avoid Online Casinos Tracking You 

Using a VPN when playing slots online can go against the terms and conditions of an online casino in the UK. Most UK casinos are required by law to track the IP address of every player.

Therefore, it is not possible to avoid online casinos tracking you. If you get caught, you will most likely have your account removed and will not be able to retrieve any possible winnings. If you wish to play at a casino and withdraw potential winnings, you typically cannot avoid online casinos tracking you. You should expect that you will have to share some data with the casino.