Online Slot Machine Cheats

There is no doubt that slots are the most popular online casinos, and this quirky little machine is all about luck. However, knowing what you're doing will help propel your luck. You can always do some things to improve your chances of hitting a payout and beating the casino, even though slot machines are inherently a game of pure chance.

However, there will always be slot machine cheats. Casino slot machines can be seen as an easy way to make a quick buck. So they're always looking for ways to hack slot machines. But, hacking slot machines isn't possible.

Mechanisms of Online Slot Machines

Online casinos use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to pull up winning numbers. The algorithms of each slot game are tested by auditors and regulators, such as eCOGRA before casinos are allowed to offer them to players.

Online casino players sometimes wonder if they can cheat when playing slots. However, it's challenging to cheat slot machines, as we have mentioned. The RNG technology used by online casinos ensures that payouts are fair and that cheating is as tricky as possible.

As a matter of course, casinos are constantly on the lookout for new methods of dealing with cheaters, and they have installed high-tech preventative equipment on machines. In addition, many of the electronic slot machines that you can play will exhibit complex features if you read reviews of their games.

Cautionary Measures in Casinos

A coin comparator is one feature of land-based casinos that prevents counterfeiting. It analyses the weight or density of the coin to determine if it is real or fake. Vending machines also use similar devices to assess the actual face value.

Furthermore, every table and all slots are monitored by numerous cameras to ensure players are always filmed. However, the process is a little different with online casinos. Instead of security cameras, they have data encryptions and random number generators. 

Casinos use 128-bit or 256-bit encryption. These two technologies turn any financial and personal information you send to the casino into indecipherable strings of code. It is as safe as the protection provided by your bank. Casinos spend enormous amounts of money on security to keep an eye out for potential cheats.

That is to say that slots machine software has eliminated the ability to cheat at slots. To cheat slot machines, one would have to hack the computer that controls the slot machine somehow.

That is an improbable scenario, but it's still possible. Such an undertaking would require extensive, almost impossible coordination.

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Slot Machine Tips and Tricks

Cheating in a land-based casino differs vastly from cheating in an online casino. Unlike land-based cheats, online slot cheats cannot use physical force or cheat wires on slot machines.

When playing slots online, the cheating will have to happen through programming or technical analysis. That could only occur through online slot machine hacking. And because slots are primarily a matter of luck, there is no way for a player to cheat at slots online. 

While playing online slots, one of the most important factors to consider when trying to boost your payouts is the variance of the machine. The games with high variance are the ones with big jackpots, so if you're looking for a chance to win big, you must play those.

It's the high volatility games that could potentially reward you with a large sum to make a big difference in your life. Playing low variance games gives you regular income, but high volatility games give you the best chances of winning a life-changing sum. 

It's the high volatility games that could potentially reward you with a large sum to make a big difference in your life. Playing low variance games gives you a chance to earn small streams of money, but playing high volatility games gives you the best chances of winning a life-changing sum.

Slot Machines

So, you're wondering how you know which slot machines or online slots have high volatility?


The best way to learn this would be through a slot's game RTP (Return to Player). Return To Player is a term used to describe the amount of money a slot machine pays back to players over a long time, generally expressed as a percentage. For instance, a slot with an RTP of 97% will pay out 97pound for every 100 pounds put into it. 


Another way you can make sure that a slot has a high payout is its jackpot amount. 

The higher the jackpot amount, the better a telltale it is that you'll win big if you spin and land on some luck. 

Bonus Rounds

Many slot machines have bonus features, including free spins, re-spins, and bonus spins. These features enhance the game's entertainment value by offering some variety in gameplay, but they also offer big prizes. 

Occasionally, slot machines have bonus prizes more significant than the jackpot. Such bonuses increase the volatility of the game.

Random Features

Besides bonuses, slots can also offer random features, like extra wild symbols, more scatter symbols, and expanding wild symbols. For example, a slot might randomly add more wild symbols to the reels or turn a regular symbol into an expanding wild symbol.

The function could also transform a regular symbol into a wild symbol. Such features can help turn losses into wins and wins into even bigger prizes. But unfortunately, these random payouts also hurt the regular wins in the long run.

Number of Winning Ways

Today's online slot machines feature countless ways to win. Some games offer hundreds of thousands and even millions of winning combinations. These Megaways slots feature reels that hold an extensive range of symbols.

Typically, Megaways offer 117,649 to 60,446,176 winning ways. This wide range of winning possibilities is undoubtedly thrilling.

The above are factors you need to consider when choosing high paying slots. However, slot machines with larger payouts are more unpredictable. Conversely, machines with smaller payouts have less volatility, and you win more often.

How Do People Cheat at Slots?

When there is a promise of large sums of money with slots, there is bound to be some slot machine cheats. However, it is a little impossible to cheat slot machines. Of course, new online slots cannot be cheated even by the best slot money cheats as they are online, and the results are entirely random. The Random Number Generator ensures that cheating does not happen. 

However, in the past, some shady people and casinos have managed to figure out ways to cheat the slots in a casino. But, nowadays, casinos know what to look for to catch and prevent these cheats from occurring. But unfortunately, the line between cheats and strategies can sometimes be thin. The important thing to remember though is that the way slot machines work ensures that a casino slot machine is not easily cheated.

The following are the most popular techniques people use to cheat a slot machine.

Coins On A String

Coins on a string are perhaps the simplest of all the methods we will outline here at Wizard Slots. It just involves a series attached to a coin. First, the cheater would insert the coin and ensure that the slot machine registered the credit. Then, when the spin had begun, they would pull the coin back out to use it again. This method was discovered when in a book called "Slot Machine Drama", Dwight and Louise Crevelt recounted that they were playing slots when it jammed. Upon reaching a technician to fix it, they discovered a coin with a nylon string threaded through the hole. That must've been from the previous player who had lost their coin. Nowadays, however, this 'trick' does not work on newer machines because newer machines do not accept coins as wagers and do not pay out in coins.

Foreign Coins

In 1980s Nevada, slot cheats took advantage of the production of washers that were precisely the same weight and size as American coins. These coins were subsequently found all over the state in various slot machines. Unfortunately, these were the same foreign coins found in slot machines and had been accepted as a higher value than they were worth. Mexican one peso coins were the most infamous amongst casinos in 1985 as they were received in the machine as 25 cent pieces.

However, this cheat also stopped working when modern slot machines began as they did not accept coins but instead only accepted notes in the machines. Even then, the casinos are consistently diligent in ensuring that all notes are scanned to validate them before allowing them to be exchanged for credits.

Magnet Cheats

Today, you may look a bit weird walking around the casino holding a giant magnet to attempt to 'grab' any coins determined by the reels. However, a slot machine is thoroughly protected from external magnetic fields these days. The method also does not work because payouts are generated by the reel symbols but by a random number generator. Therefore, if a jackpot combination shows on the reels but not on the RNG, the casino does not have to pay you.

Filling The Machine

Casino employees were the ones that benefitted from this cheat. Not for long, though, as they were caught and arrested. When filling the slot machine, employees could keep a hold of some coins in the bag so that the machines were only a few coins down. An honest mistake, right? Wrong. Employees would then be a few coins up every time they filled the machines, and over time, this would amount to quite a large amount of money.

Climb Inside The Machine

Climbing inside the machine is the most obvious of the cheats on the list but was also the most difficult to get away with because you have to physically climb into the machine without attracting the attention of the security guards. You then have to manipulate the reels to win the slots.

The Monkey Paw Cheat

Tommy Glenn Carmichael was the most infamous for creating devices that essentially allowed him to 'hack' a new electronic slot machine into paying out. For example, the Monkey Paw was designed to enable the player to receive payouts without even wagering. It was made out of a guitar string, and a metal wand threaded through an air vent to trip a switch that triggered a payout.

Carmichael functioned in casinos and developed these devices for nearly 40 years. However, he was eventually caught, arrested and had 2 of his homes seized. Following his stint in prison, he began to help the Nevada Gaming Commission to stop people cheating in Las Vegas casinos. He did this by developing "The Protector" that prevented devices like the ones he made from being put into the machines.

The Light Wand

The light wand was a device developed by Carmichael. He created it when slot machines began to use Random Number Generators for electronic slots. New slots are tripped by an electronic sensor rather than a physical switch. The light wand works in a way that it would be put into the payout chute where all the coins would pool. Then the light would set the sensor off and therefore issue a payout.


No, this is not a hug but is instead a way that cheaters thought they had beaten the casinos. In an old slot machine, payouts are paid by coin tubes. The coins would pool into the lines, and whenever someone would win, the slides at the bottom of the tube would open and distribute the amount needed.

Cheaters took advantage of this and would manage to insert a spoon into the tube to keep the slide open. Subsequently, the tube would drop all the coins that it was holding. This worked for a while, but it was also prevented by producing new slot machines.

Our Verdict

Everybody wants to cheat a slot machine, but even trying is much more trouble than it’s worth. The whole point of a slot machine is to have fun. To cheat a slot machine is not an easy task. An online slot machine is intelligently built with slot machine software that makes cheating virtually impossible.

You can play slots online to win real money without having to go to all that effort to find ways to cheat in the casino whilst also avoiding security and prison. All of these methods also have ways of being prevented. Instead, you can play fun slots somewhat here and have more fun.

So, why try cheat slot machines when you can just play for free and have loads of fun in the process? Sign up with Wizard Slots casino and take one of our slots machines and slot games for a spin.