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Fruit Machine Cheat Codes - Secret Button Sequence To Win?

Fruit Machine Cheat Codes - Secret Button Sequence To Win?

The idea of cheating slot machines has been around for about as long as slot machines have, with a few claiming they have cracked the “codes.” While other slot players enjoy these games for their entertainment value, some people look at them as a way to make money quickly, so they look for shortcuts.

However, there is no way to cheat slot machines

In this blog post, we’ll discuss alleged fruit machine cheat codes, whether they work, and whether you can actually trick slot machines

Spoiler alert: You cannot trick the slot machine, and you shouldn’t try to. 

What Are Fruit Machine Cheat Codes?

Fruit machine cheat codes are allegedly a series of actions a player can do to trigger a winning combination or to trick the slot into triggering a jackpot

These alleged cheat codes are believed to work by hitting buttons in a certain sequence or completing specific actions in a certain way to affect the slot machine’s hardware or software to give players an advantage over the fruit machine.

Many hopeful and wishful players may fall victim to scammers on the internet claiming to have figured out a way to cheat fruit machines or have cheat codes, often having to purchase these cheats. It is essential to realise that not only do these cheats not work if you are caught trying to tamper with fruit machines in any shape or form, but you could be banned from casinos or even face legal consequences. 

Modern slot games are operated by a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG generates a multitude of number sequences every second to determine the result slots display and prevent the games from being predictable or from being hacked.

Are There Any Working Cheat Codes for Slot Machines?

No, there are no working cheat codes for slot machines. The payouts on slot machines, including fruit machines, are unbiased and fair because they are random and unpredictable, thanks to the RNG.

While some cheats may have worked in old mechanical slot games back in the day, the sophisticated way in which modern machines operate today makes it impossible for the machines to be cheated.

So, if you find any claims of functioning cheat codes for slot machines, they are either outdated or misleading. Considering the technologically sophisticated casino gaming environment of today, it is impossible that any cheat code could be successfully implemented.

Slot Machine Button Sequence: Can You Trick A Slot Machine? 

Slot machines do not require special skills or basic strategies; you simply spin the reels and wait for the results. 

In addition, the results they produce result from the RNG, ensuring that they remain random and unpredictable. You may find some hacks or cheats on the internet claiming to have a way to cheat slot games, but they are false and based on unproven claims.

One of these cheats involves pressing buttons in a particular sequence, which would allegedly “confuse” the machine, triggering a payout. Nowadays, slots typically have very few buttons and are far more technologically advanced, so they aren’t going to be “confused” after you hit some buttons in a certain way. 

Also, the security systems in place are far more sophisticated and prevent any form of tampering, both internal and external.

Why Fruit Machine Cheat Codes Should Be Avoided

There are several reasons why you should avoid cheating slot machines, such as potential legal consequences. 

Slot machines are random games of chance and are intended as forms of entertainment.

So, if you were to win by cheating rather than by chance, then that is stealing. The payout was not rightfully yours, and you received it using deceit. In addition, trying to cheat slot games is a futile activity that will only waste your time, resources and money.

Not to mention, if you get caught, even if you are unsuccessful, you could face serious consequences, including but not limited to getting a ban from the casino and various other casinos and even potential legal consequences. The risks outweigh the rewards because cheats do not work.


Finding ways to cheat slot games may sound appealing. However, they should be avoided at all costs due to them not working and the potential consequences being very real. 

Instead of trying to cheat fruit slot machines, you should focus on responsible gambling: set a budget and only play at legal, licensed, and reputable online casinos like Wizard Slots. 

The popularity of slot games goes to show that slot games can be entertaining and exciting. Gambling in all shapes is intended as a form of entertainment, not a way to make money. Therefore, cheating is taking away from the core aspect of the activity.