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Hole Carding - What Is The Blackjack Hole Carding Strategy?

Hole Carding

Being a blackjack player means you've probably heard of a few blackjack strategies. One of these techniques is hole carding.

In this Wizard Slots blog post, we'll look at what the blackjack hole carding strategy is and help you discover how it works. Continue reading to find out!

What Is Hole Carding In Blackjack?

Hole carding is when players obtain knowledge of the hidden cards in a deck. The hidden cards are those dealt face-down. Players who practice this can apparently catch a peek at the dealer's hole card at the right time.

Knowing the dealer's hole card can influence your playing decisions. For example, if it's a high-hole card, you can estimate how close the dealer is to potentially landing a blackjack.

What Is The Hole Card?

Usually, when the game starts, the dealer has two cards, i.e., one face-up and one face-down. The face-down card is the hole card. Players are not supposed to get knowledge of the hole card as they can use it to gain a potential advantage.

However, sometimes they might sneak a peek when the dealer looks at their cards.

Blackjack Hole Carding Strategy

Hole carding is simply the practice of obtaining knowledge of hidden cards. It would be players catching a glimpse of the dealer's face-down card (hole card) in blackjack.

Accessing this information has the potential to go a long way in influencing the player's future decisions in the game.  

Let's assume that you use hole carding effectively. Knowing the dealer's hole card can help you assume how close they are to 21. For example, a higher card value could mean that they're close.

Is Hole Carding Cheating?

The blackjack hole carding strategy might be frowned upon, but it isn't entirely illegal. However, hole carding is wrong because it can give players an unfair advantage over the casino. Additionally, if caught, you may be removed from the casino.

Players who use the technique can apparently get up to a 13% edge. However, this also depends on the player's skill and other possible game factors. Therefore, it's an unfair practice to use since you're essentially taking advantage of the casino.

Although it might be more popular at land-based casinos, hole carding has less place in online casinos. That's because online casinos use sophisticated software to shuffle cards in the deck. In addition, there are online blackjack variants that don't use an actual dealer.

What Is The No Hole Card Rule?

In a game with the no hole card rule, the dealer won't be dealt their hole card until everyone completes the round. They only receive their hole card once the players' blackjack hands are complete and they're just about to act.

Some blackjack players may believe the no hole card rule in blackjack gives the casino an advantage. For example, some jurisdictions require players to lose the full amount after doubling and splitting a hand if the dealer lands blackjack.

Playing the no hole card rule can potentially increase the house edge by 0.11%.

However, the no hole card rule doesn't actually make a difference in basic strategy. Players can still play their hands the same way, whether the hole card is dealt before or after.


Learning about popular blackjack strategies like hole carding can help you understand the game better. Also, knowing more about the game can improve your confidence and skill in blackjack circles. But remember, hole carding is frowned upon and unlikely to boost your popularity at a blackjack table. Remember to always gamble responsibly.