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How Late Can You Buy A Lottery Ticket In The UK?

The lottery is the primary gambling method in the UK, with 20% of the population participating in the draws every week. Even though the chances of winning the lottery are far lesser than the chances of being struck by lightning, people buy lottery tickets each week, hoping to be the new winners. 

But life can sometimes get in the way and prevent you from buying your ticket early enough, so it helps to know how late you can buy the lottery ticket. 

In this Wizard Slots blog post, we will answer this question as well as when the lottery closes, the best time to buy a lottery ticket and whether or not what time you buy a lottery ticket matters.

How Late Can You Buy A Lottery Ticket?

You can purchase the National Lottery tickets until 7:30 pm on the day of the draw. That applies to all types of lottery draws, including the EuroMillions and Thunderball. 

If you purchase your ticket later than 7:30 pm on draw days, you will not be eligible for the draw. Therefore, you have until 7:25 pm on draw days to purchase your tickets. 

However, you shouldn’t be able to purchase your ticket after 7:30 pm, as long as you are using legit sites. Another thing is you have to be over the age of 18 to purchase a lottery ticket.

When Does The Lottery Close?

The National Lottery is available to play twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday—sales close at 7:30 pm on draw days. But on any other weekday, the sales are open online from 6 am until 11 pm. 

If you are buying your tickets in-store, you have until the store closes to purchase your tickets, which is typically 8:30 pm, but it differs from store to store. But, on draw days, purchases are permitted only until 7:30 pm. No exceptions.

Moreover, keep the National Lottery age restrictions and terms and conditions in mind when purchasing lottery tickets. 

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Lottery Ticket?

The best time to buy a lottery ticket is before 7:30 pm to avoid disappointments. However, if you want to beat any potential queues and ensure that you secure a place for your ticket in the draw, it is best to buy it in advance or online. 

As mentioned above, putting off buying your ticket until later is a risky business as you might be stuck in queues or dealing with connection problems just before the sales close. However, if you miss your Wednesday draw chance, you can try again on Thursday or Friday for the Saturday draw.

Does It Matter What Time You Buy A Lottery Ticket?

Yes, and no. In terms of your chances of winning the draw, it does not matter what time you buy a lottery ticket. Your odds will not change whether you purchased it days before or just minutes before the sales close.

However, if you want your ticket to be entered into the draw and stand a chance to win the lottery, you need to buy your ticket before the sale closes. Remember that the draw itself determines your chances of winning, so they will not be affected by the time you purchased your lottery ticket. 

The winning lotto numbers are selected randomly, so the time of purchase does not affect the outcome, but it may ensure that your ticket is entered into the draw.